Every Wednesday i host an event on The Twitterer called a Hashtagging game.

More specifically my game is called @AFrikkinHashtag and it is a lot of fun. And if you download the FREE @HashtagRoundup App then you can play it and a whole host of other games like it as well.

Hundreds of people from around the world jump on  board, usually for an hour or two and try to come up with suggestions to a fun tag that i have come up with, ranging from ‘My Last Bucket Item is…’ to ‘You Had Me At…’, the very much more silly and Monty Python inspired ‘This Parrot Isn’t Dead It’s…’ and ‘Describe A Food To An Alien’.

There are no winners, but i generally take the top ten or twenty tweets that jump out at me and post them as my FISH LIST OF PRIZEWORTHYNESS [allthough i hope to get sponsored prizes soon – call me!] and every week people try to make it on to the list by coming up with the most clever or funny or out-of-the-box suggestions to the suggested tag.



It is really that simple – wait for the Hashtag to be announced. Come up with an idea you think is fun, clever or out of the box. Tweet it and include the hashtag and if you have space either @AFrikkinHashtag or @BrettFishA as well.

Then wait to see if you made the list.

My game has trended in Americaland [virtually every week] and also the Netherlands, South Africa and Australia. My primary hope is to get more South Africans playing more regularly as it is a fun distraction for a couple of minutes from all of the seriousness that surrounds us.

Here are the Lists from the Previous Games:

#CountryAFood was my first amateur attempt which blew up pretty big.

#ArtAMovieOrTv was my first official game on the @HashtagRoundup app.

#AndThenTheWorldEnded invited people to suggest the kinds of things happening that might bring about an instant end.

#MyLastBucketItemListIs saw a lot of creative last wish ideas from people.

#YouHadMeAt which also got some You Had Meat suggestions thrown in

#2015WasTheYearThatIFinally let us all get a little nostalgic

#DescribeAFoodToAnAlien helped us to try do just that

#TongueTwistACeleb – pick your favourite  or least favourite celeb and run rings around our tongues

#YodaSpeakASaying – take your favourite saying from life, history or the movies and give it a twist of Yoda…

#UnlikelySuperheroAndSidekick – In which, well, what it says…

#ConfusingProverbs – come up with a saying or proverb to really keep us guessing

#ForYourBirthdayI – sadly this got a little dodge but still had some winners

#MoreHonestProductSlogans – What it says – some really fun ones.

And there will be more on the way. 1pm South African time and 6am EST – please come and join us and play @AFrikkinHashtag and let’s see it become a regular trending event over here as well.