Another week, another great Hashtag game.

For those of you who play, which is made easier on the @HashtagRoundup app, you might find it gets a little monotonous, especially around holiday times. With something like 50 different game tags a week on the app it is hard to stay original and set your games apart. But so far i think i’ve been able to do that which means typically it feels like a bit of a risk going in… but so far so good – each game i’ve come up with has trended in the States at least and often elsewhere as well…

…and it’s always thanks to you!

pre game ad @AFrikkinHashtag.png

This week’s game invite MAY have contained a small clue to the game that was about to follow as last week saw us playing a lively and creative game of #UnlikelySuperheroAndSidekick

There were two main ways i envisaged the playing of this game:

Plus of course any other ideas you came up with and as always a whole bunch of you really really got it… and then some didn’t. Not at all. Not even close. So we just rolled our eyes and let them play quietly in the corner where hopefully they wouldn’t hurt anyone. Or themselves.

The one aspect i do try to keep as a solid base for the @AFrikkinHashtag game is that it is a FAMILY GAME and so i only heart and RT suggestions that keep it clean and are safe for work and children. Besides, i tend to find those a lot more clever than someone being suggestive, sexual or offensive. The quicker more people realise this, the more luck you’ll have in having your tweets recognised.

Took us 18 minutes this week to jump on the list:

And you kept us there for a long while:

Even made it onto a world trend list for a bit:

But no-one really cares about that when there is a list to get to, right? The big question being, did you this week, make it on to:


As always a few suggestions of my own just to give people
some ideas and, you know, move things along:

But enough about me, what did you bring to the party?

Geff did this great splitteroon:

Whereas Matt faced up to the honest but painful truth
about himself:

And Tony to this general life truth:

Deep Hurting proved that sometimes a picture speaks enough:

While Simon aimed his at, you know, those people:

Fungus got philosophical:

Whereas Rob unearthed possibly the most frustrating working
relationship of all time:

Steven had one of my favourites for the week:

And Ryan brought a little cringe flavour:

Rob nailed the out of left field award:

And Mark’s felt like a public service announcement:

As did Bunni:

And Dorelita, but for supervillians:

And Smithy:

Ryan spoke it like it is:

Double H proved that sometimes words are unnecessary:

And Kirk just said what we were all thinking:

As did Estella:

And Ryan:

Joe went a little horror on us:

Whereas Ward spoke out for those sitting at the
singles wedding table:

Chris had another of my all-time favourites and probably
the top misdirection of the week:

Although he later added that he had forgot to mention
that Greg is invincible…

BWK nailed this one:

And Rohan’s was a masterclass misdirective:

HD’s was more visual:

As was LDL’s:

And Charles provided a pairing with a dilemma:

Furgan spoke of crossovers:

Mark, of political agendas:

i feel like Tony may have been talking about me:

And HD shared one i think i’d actually love to witness:

Unlike Tony with this poor guy:

Who also clearly has his own issues:

Robert came up with a couples profile:

And Catwoman was one of the most popular people to be
paired up with various mouse partners:

Followed closely by this pairing:

And i may have had to use Uncle Google to help me
get this one from Marie:

Amber wins our TooSoon? moment of the week:

Whereas Brendon found another pairing i think many
of us would pay money to see:

Fungus found a likely standoff:

Rev Dodd got name-associative:

i LOVED this one from Ben:

Ayetune gave us something to think about:

PH1 played with words (which i’m a big fan of):

Whereas Brandon possibly came up with the most
interesting pairing of them all:

Although New Kid…

And Smithy, got close:

Every game has some Trump but this has been
the most inspired so far:

This higher grade one by Doc caused that extra moment
of thought and was very well played:

And this one by Brian was a little less subtle:

Gary risked causing an international dispute:

While Stu also crafted a show premise that would
like work a lot:

Cinnamon took us back in time:

While Uber got a little sneaky on us:

As did Cinnamon:

These two out there tweets deserve Honourable Mention:

Although you might need to be 100 years old
to get this one, or my age, which is close:

But if i had to have a favourite from the whole of
last week’s game i think it would HAVE to be
Steve with this legendary one:

Thank you SO MUCH for playing everyone – i totally expected it of you this week and you completely brought it and the game was a whole lot of fun.

As we enter 2016 i look forward to hopefully taking @AFrikkinHashtag to a whole new level, with one chief aim seeing it rise in South Africa itself and become a regular trender here too.

i am hopefully going to be a little more proactive in terms of trying to source sponsorship and some kind of prizes later on this year, so if you know someone, get their people to call my people, but in the meantime keep on keeping the HA in Hashtagging and don’t be the one holding on to being the TWIT on the Twitterer.

Onwards and upwards with @BrettFishA and why not let me know in the comments which of these entries YOU thought was the best…

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