Last week on @AFrikkinHashtag…

With Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens smashing all kinds of records across the world, we decided we needed to get in on the action and so along with good friend slash evil Twitterer nemesis @KeshaTedder and her tag-teag-tagger buddy Brandon aka @theclobra we decided to play a game of #YodaSpeakASaying:


And as we expected, YOU SHOWED UP!

Even making it onto the Twitterer Moments of the day:

Twitter moments:

Even the official Star Wars UK site came and played along:

As did both @comedycentral and @billboard which brought a lot of new Twitterers into the mix and made for an absolutely stunningly chaotic game…

The invitation was sent out:

And you all responded and a HUGE THANK YOU AND SHOUT OUT TO EVERYONE WHO PLAYED, but we all know that what you really came here to see was who made it on to the:


As always i started with some examples of my own to help get you warmed up:

Kesha aka Binksie, scored major co-hosting points by

heading straight to my favourite movie line of

all time from A Few Good Men:

Whereas Brandon dived into the deep end with this and more:

As always, too many great ones and all happening too

quickly for us to highlight them all, but those we did see

that caught our attention, included:

Daryl, drawing on his best Clint Eastwood:

Brady defending the pig:

Ben speaking on behalf of so many of us:

Heart of Gold standing up for our gramatical, grammartica,

grammatick… for the English language:

Meagan kept it short, simple and inspirational:

Whereas Fardog channeled the spirit of the youth of today:

Orctioneer recalled this classic movie moment
with a twist of Yoda:

Kate got huge points for calling on my number
1 Kareoke song of choice:

Daniel kept it philosophical:

And Matt R just said it straight:

We loved this meme and it had to be Yodafied
and St Peter obliged:

Whereas Craig got a little more fantastical:

Matthew took us for a walk down memory lane:

While The Boy In The Boot totally broke all the rules with:

Adam saw through us all:

Craig went all mobster on us:

And Kate warned us to be wary of our treatment of Baby:

Brian scored big Creativity Points for contextualising
this proverb:

Whereas Jason probably got the Misdirection cleverness
tweet of the game:

Martin reminded us of the obvious:

And Weird Santa was, well, weird, as he went all
foreign language:

Bradley helped us get into the mind of Yoda:

While just plain beth brought us this one:

Heart of Gold also scored big misdirection appreciation
with this greatness:

Then Martin reappeared with this winner:

Sean called us towards greater things:

While Bryan flashed us back to a critique’al moment of 2015:

St Peter got all Friendsy on us:

Whereas self-proclaimed Star Wars Nerd VII:

Steven decided to test our skills:

While J-Stern seemed confident about his milkshake:

R.A. reminded us:

Jacqueline suggested the Beatles may have had some help:

While Zachary had one of the most popular and RTed tweets with:

Sarah joined thousands of you in channeling Adele:

Whereas PC reminded us that perhaps we should take it easy on him:

Tommy got a little Jokery:

Dante got scientific:

Sebastian brought the Python:

And Why The Long Play Face brought the nostalgia:

i have learnt not to be surprised by the creativity, wit and misdirection that is out there and that you bring on a weekly basis to @AFrikkinHashtag – we have one more game to play before 2016 so i hope you will help us finish strong.

We will see you Wednesday at 1pm South African and 6am EST and as always you can play our game and others on the @HashtagRoundup so download and get Hashtagging. Why not introduce a friend to us this week as we are just 25 short of 2000 followers and all in quick time.

Thankx for playing South Africa’s Number 1 Hashtagging game – as always let’s keep the WIT in the Twitterer and the HA in Hashtagging!

HUGE Ginormous thankx to my most excellent co-hosts and all those who help with the hearts and retweets along the way.

love brett fish, @KeshaTedder and @theclobra

Oh, and of course there HAD to be this one:


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