So i had a week off with some visiting friends to go on a road trip and visit the Kruger National Park and we saw some crazy amazing animal sights… but i also missed all of you and so am super ready to dive back into this week’s game… [And with tomorrow being my birthday there is a special and quite easy way you can help make it the best birthday ever – check this out!]

But first there is the little business of reminding ourselves of all the greatness you came up with creating a whole new brand of Confusing Proverbs two weeks ago. Remembering, as always, that is becomes a lot easier to keep track of all the games happening if you download the free @HashtagRoundup app, so make sure you install that and come and play…

As always you completely brought it and we did a little bit of the Trendaging:

Always great to have the Canadians playing along – could it be cos your actual Proverbs are already super confusing and you were just sending them in?


For this game i decided to give a little more direction:

And as always some helpful examples:

And even pointed to a great app that i use to create my picture messages:

The hope with this week’s game was more than just twisting already existing proverbs which a lot of you did well, but also to inspire totally new, completely made up ones:

Dropping her Nemesis conflict for two hours to help out was the ever present Kesha “Binksie” Tedder:

i have decided that @AFrikkinHashtag and @NandosSA feel like distant cousins and so started my devious plan to get them on board as official sponsors, inviting you to add them into your tweets [which you should do every week til they cave!]:


And then, as usual, i had a few samples to get you going:





i think you get the idea… and you completely did, because the tweets came thick and fast and there really were too many good ones to choose a top ten list of… but, as always, we did manage to grab a few here and there and so this week’s offerings who made it on to the:


in no particular order are:

Dhanaraj had something against apples:


While John found a way to musically proverb us
and it made SO MUCH sense:

Jeff clearly had some childhood memories he was trying to escape:

Ms Hashtag told us we gotta work harder in the wrongs department:

Dave sounded like he might have tested this one out:

While Hashtag King tried to save us from unwanted Camel attention:

Jeff had us considering ‘Where is my egg?’

Octopus Caveman helped us towards becoming one:

Adrian spoke the truth:

While Rain issued an appropriate warning:

Adrian returned with this depth:

While Sophie helped keep us grounded:

Finchie exchanged pictures for dictionaries:

While Wayne really took us to a place:

Mark lamented the poor dental practitioner:

Joey went all Twitterer on us:

Geff might have been speaking prophetically:

Wzyne returned with a desperate plea:

John brought it with one of my [and your] favourites
in the misdirection catergory:

Brian got all Mathy on us:

i couldn’t leave my Nemesis hanging:

Which got the community involved:

Charley got real, possibly improving on a classic?:

While Freddie had some vocational angst:

Joe Blow spoke of the travel essentials we often overlook:

While Steve advocated a new type of pet:

Rod blew our minds with:

Croc spoke to our very souls:

Chris got personal after i issued a @KeshaTedder incentive:

And Finchie joined in:

Michelle was all about commitment:

i would agree with Gretel on this one most days:

Rod got literal:

Bradley gave us all reason to fight for proper shoe wear:

SmartEPants chipped in:

Sophie felt for the jockeys:

Moose went to one of my favourite places:

While some of the rest of you confused us with these:

Finally we had this scientific accuracy:

Followed by Florence who really had us pondering:

And Mike is Happy who made me so happy with this
well played one:

CONGRATCHUMALATIONS to everyone who made the Fish List – if you didn’t, make sure you bring your A game tomorrow – remember if it’s family friendly, fun, clever or misdirectional you have a greater chance of making the list.

Til tomorrow’s game, remember to ‘Hope for the best, but prepare for a flock of birds.’

January 20th is my birthday and so hoping that @AFrikkinHashtag will have an appropriately trendingful game [bring your friends!] but one way in which you can ensure my birthday is great is by checking out this post and helping bring the change…

[For next week’s game which was #ForYourBirthdayI, click here]