We all know what milk is, what a hot dog tastes like and that you never dip fish fingers into custard. [Well unless you’re THAT guy!]

But what if you were a creature from another planet and had just arrived on earth. Would it seem weird that people were drinking the stuff that came out of the dangly bits of a cow? Or that liquid salty snot drunk from a sea shell was considered a delicacy? How would we describe certain foods that seem normal to us to someone or something that had never experienced them before?

Which is where i came up with last week’s hashtag:

Game Starting Tweet

Which as always you can play a lot more easily by downloading the free #HashtagRoundup app and playing with us on there…

i won’t lie. i was a little nervous. This one required a little more thought and cleverness than normal. But you completely came to the party [and then described all the snacks we had there!] 

i got a little creative with the ads:

Game Invitation Tweet II

GameQuestion III

And you all did the rest. And while there were a few deep breath minutes in the first four minutes of the game as my examples were the only ones sitting on the internet, it was clear that brainnwaves were working overtime and within a few minutes the internet exploded and you started throwing them out like no-one’s business.

We trended solidly in Americaland as is our tradition and still have a bit of a way to go with the South Africans, who are still gently dipping their feet into the games, but we’ll get there. And it was a bonus buzz to see the game trending in Philly where we used to live a few years back:

In the meantime there were of course way too many suggestions and too many amazing ones to catch them all, but i did grab some that jumped out at me and so, in no particular order, except some of mine first and then yours, here is this week’s:


As always my Twitterer nemesis was around to throw insults at me and

generally get in the way:

And i am so very grateful for her continued support and co-hosting nature

[even if i won’t stick her name on the game, cos, you know, nemesis!]

Dreamweasel pretty much nailed the disappointment of cannoli:

Whereas Brian summed up Mushroom Soup in a less-than-appealing manner:

St Peter [no relation] introduced chili’s arrival and departure:

And Daniel gave the visitors permission to eat chicken butt:

She may not be Jasmine, but she clearly knows her food and people:

While Lady A was not feeling quite as optimistic:

Dreamweasal returned with his 1%er approach:

While Apron was the teensiest bit more subtle:

Misty let her true emotions shine through:

And we started to wonder a little bit about Thom:

Because how do you know what that is like, Thom? Do. Not. Answer


Brian helped introduce the aliens to Australia:

And @moonydamonsta suuggested something we all feared:

There was a whole lot of hating on Tofu from various people [and

rightly so], including Daniel and Terri:

While Martin prepared the visitors for Scottish ‘cuisine’:

The Orctioneer straddled the fence:

While Terri was feeling a little mischievous:

Or perhaps showing the rest of us her true feelings towards spiders?

Brian too, was being sneaky, but in a completely different way.

Save some for me, Brian!

Jenn had a spambot recipe to share with the rest of us:

Doc kept it simple, and healthy:

Haadeashka introduced some Indian, and some movement:

Doc came back with the best thing since the best thing before sliced


And Annie said what most of us were thinking:

DC M gave a description my wife tbV [the beautiful Val] would

have thumbsed up:

While Alex was gross but accurate:

Ben very eagerly shared a lesser known fact with us:

While Jennifer gave us both the food and the effect:

Antonius kept it disturbingly real:

And Mister Walnut helped educate us all on food procreation:

Alex clearly is not a fan of nonfat milk:

Unless i incorrectly discerned his attitude towards white crayons?

Terri suggested subterfuge:

Alex got a little graphic:

Jimmy had a conspiracy theory which sounded spot on:

Jason took us through the process:

Dean was surprisingly accurate [this got an inside laugh from me!]

Pen Bird got specific:

When you read it like Sophie describes it, it does sound rather odd:

Aimée pointed out something most of us haven’t thought of:

Dean got personal:

While Harry Hamlin’s #1 Fan exposed the dilemma:

But probably my favourite tweet out of the whole game was this one

from Sophie who went completely out of the box with this winner

which a lot of people really enjoyed:

Sophie had one of the most popular out-of-the-box tweets:

YOU GUYS BROUGHT IT! Thank you so much for playing. There will be another game next week so don’t forget to bring your friends and challenge them to see who gets to be seen on the FISH LIST OF PRIZEWORTHYNESS…

How about you? Which of these was your favourite? Leave your answer in the comments below. And see you Wednesday for @AFrikkinHashtag – South Africa’s number 1 Hashtagging Game…

[For the next week’s game which was #TongueTwistACeleb, click here]