i tend to run a lot of series on my blog and generally get some really great contributions from other people in putting them together. i thought it might be a great help to be able to store all of those serieses [yup!] in one place and so this is that place – hope you find something helpful and would love for you to share this link with your socialling networks so they can benefit from the goodness here as well:

40ish days of Lent – in 2014 i decided to observe Lent for the first time and here are those 40ish days

Aslan Jesus: In C.S.Lewis much loved Narnia books Jesus is depicted as a lion and i take a look at some of the ways this might be true.

Deep Dive Dinner Conversations: Dealing with Race, Boundary and Location: We had some friends round for dinner and a conversation.

History of the Hashtag – a collection of winning tags from the weekly @AFrikkinHashtag game

How do you judge good character?: A series investigating what it is that defines character and taking a deeper look at some of those aspects that make it up

How to Lose a Friend in Ten Ways – Ten habits you might find in friends and hopefully not yourself, worth changing.

How to raise your young children as World Changers – such a popular and powerful series as i invited parents to share some of their creative ideas in raising children well

I’m not sure you’re against that thing you think you’re against – i take a look at some ideas and terms like ‘rape culture’ and ‘white privilege’ that may not mean what you think they do.

Mark, my words – a series of videos where i slowly walked through the Gospel of Mark giving my thoughts to each passage i came across

Marriage through the Years – Really great series where friends of mine who have been married for different amounts of years shared some thoughts and wisdom

My Favourite Verse – i love the Bible and have a LOT of favourite verses in there that have helped shape my life and faith – these are some of them

My Strength Weakness: Sometimes something that is a strength for us can also work as a weakness – some of my friends share their stories on this

New Year’s Evolutions – Some people make resolutions but when the new year starts i prefer to work on actual intentional changes

Taboo Topics: POWERFUL. There are a number of topics that people [especially in the church] often don’t speak about such as singleness, losing a child, sex in marriage etc and so i invited a  number of my friends to be brave and share some of their stories of loss and pain and life, hope and healing.

Ten Ways to Love: I found a list of ten ways to love well and wrote a post on each one of them

The Games we play: My wife, tbV, and i are avid games players and i got to share about some of our favourites in the vein of Settlers, Carcassone and more…

To Be A Mom – i asked a number of people to write a post simply bases on or inspired by the phrase ‘To Be A Mom’ and a whole lot of beautiful and really different posts emerged

Relationships: Whether it be singleness, dating, engagement, marriage or beyond, there is something here for everyone.

What i would love my white friends to know/hear – some people of colour share their thoughts with white people

What my Single Friends with their Married Friends would know – really interesting series inviting single people to share some thoughts to/about their married friends

Who am i reading – Books i have been going through in 2015