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Kenya joinsSouth Africa

This week saw South Africa link arms with Kenya as we jointly hosted @AFrikkinHashtag with the tag #MoreHonestProductSlogans which really gave space for people to get creative. Continue reading

It's my birthday....png

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later as i have been flying high with @AFrikkinHashtag since i started hosting the games. But this game Continue reading


So i had a week off with some visiting friends to go on a road trip and visit the Kruger National Park and we saw some crazy amazing animal sights… but i also missed all of you and so am super ready to dive back into this week’s game… [And with tomorrow being my birthday there is Continue reading

Another week, another great Hashtag game.

For those of you who play, which is made easier on the @HashtagRoundup app, you might find it gets a little monotonous, especially around holiday times. With something like 50 different game tags a week on the app it is hard to stay original and set your games apart. But so far i think i’ve been able to do that which means typically it feels like a bit of a risk going in… but so far so good – each game i’ve come up with has trended in the States at least and often elsewhere as well… Continue reading

Last week on @AFrikkinHashtag…

With Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens smashing all kinds of records across the world, we decided we needed to get in on the action and so along with good friend slash evil Twitterer nemesis @KeshaTedder and her tag-teag-tagger buddy Brandon aka @theclobra we decided to play a game of #YodaSpeakASaying: Continue reading

We all remember Tom Cruise jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch going a little gaga over Dawson and Pacey’s former girlfriend. But imagine if we could remember that scene in a way that didn’t quite roll off the tongue. Something like:

Cruise crashes after crouching on couch creating chaos.

Gives it a little more zing, right? Which is why i thought it was time to take @AFrikkinHashtag to the next level and really engage people in the brain area which is where last week’s creative tag came from: Continue reading

Every Wednesday i host an event on The Twitterer called a Hashtagging game.

More specifically my game is called @AFrikkinHashtag and it is a lot of fun. And if you download the FREE @HashtagRoundup App then you can play it and a whole host of other games like it as well.

Hundreds of people from around the world jump on  board, usually for an hour or two and try to come up with suggestions to a fun tag that i have come up with, ranging from Continue reading

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