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This will be the last share of the chapter from Ron Sider’s super-challenging book, ‘Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger’ [do yourselves a favour and get hold of a copy and let it ruin you in the best of ways!]

We ended the last post with:

The threat of a curse always accompanied the promise of blessing View full article »


i have been pondering this series in my head for a while…

Asking a WHAT IF question and seeing what responses i get from others and possibly adding some thoughts of my own.

Inviting people to step into the possibility of something they perhaps don’t believe in or are maybe sitting on the fence about.

For a moment, assume that thing to be true. What changes? What would also be true if that thing was true? That kind of thing.

Are we able to step outside of our comfort zones and look at something with an open mind and try and experience it from a different point of view? And if not, then are we as convinced about our ‘truth’ as we might think.

i don’t know where this will go, or even if it will go. But i thought it was worth a try.

So maybe this is one of my own WHAT IFs…

i hope you’ll join me for the ride. If you have a question or statement you’d like to see posed in this series, leave it in the comments section below.

Coming Soon: What if Christmas was not all about me?



i just emailed someone to excuse myself from a creative planning dreaming meeting on Wednesday.

i imagine it is going to be an amazing meeting. i believe i would have gotten a lot out of it and also hopefully been able to put a lot into it.

But i realised on the weekend, that i don’t have the capacity for that meeting View full article »


So the other day i posted this post about my Grinchiness [or lack thereof] which highlighted that it is not so much Christmas that i don’t like, but how crazy over-the-top consumeristic it is, which in the face of so many people living without in the world, feels pretty horrific.  View full article »

Another Wednesday, another Hashtag game… although this was not just another hashtag game. It was really interesting how this one played out…


RSA Min of Warts [@Stevens947] played the co-host role and we even had a co-co-host in the incredible Kesha Tedder [@KeshaTedder] who i have an online ongoing “nemesis battle” with, and it was a whole lot of crazy fun. View full article »


i love this picture of my buddy Rob [who died just over a week ago from cancer] and everything it expresses – carefree, full of life, plus the symbolism of running off into the distance is not lost on me.

But i miss him a lot and it’s only been just over a week. Only? Yeah, something like that. And i think words are my processor so this is really for me, but you’re welcome to eavesdrop, especially if you knew my buddy. View full article »




but not forgotten.

but gone.

too soon.

not that any other

time would have

felt any more right

but this one

definitely felt

every bit of wrong

i miss you, friend

not forgotten!

[For other of my shorter Micropoem types, click here]


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