so turns out i’ve written a bunch of poems over the years and so why not stick them together in one place now that i’ve started writing again:

Poetry with Erik [with a K] – if you have ever wanted your favourite poems shouted at you in a pseudo German accent, Erik [with a K] is the guy…

Collection of Poems i have written in 2015

Collection of Poems i have written in 2014

what the judge meant – a poem i wrote about the call to Love superceding our tendency to judge

this – a poem i wrote about the THIS that i believe in maybe not being the THAT that you don’t.

the B sides – a poem i wrote about being able to be in the moment

disappointment/disappointed – a poem written by me to people who used to be sold out for God and have now disappeared or just lost faith completely

the very nature of things – a poem written at Namrock 2010 about naturey stuff

from the edge – a poem i wote about a person standing on the edge of a very high bridge contemplating life and beyond

Oh – a poem about a whole lot of ‘oh’

you call that a scar? – a poem written at a time when i was researching the whole cutting thing a bunch of youth were into

Cell’ing your soul [a.k.a. Sign on the dotted telephone line] – a poem expressing my not-so-much-love for cellphones

raiSIN, the dead – a poem about my hatred of raiSINs

the way it isn’t – a poem i wrote a long time ago similiar to the more recent ‘this’ about how what i believe in is not this that i am experiencing

On Behalf Of The Human Race – a poem i wrote about a person taking all the world’s anger to God and shouting it at Him and getting a response

mercurial dispensity – personal favourite of mine written to sound like a poem but be complete crap meaningwise against school poetry. which then gives it meaning. urgh.

the final Word – i like this one – short, simple piece about Jesus hanging on the cross

twice prodigal – i really like this one, written from the perspective of the prodigal son on his way home realising that things look way too familiar