We all remember Tom Cruise jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch going a little gaga over Dawson and Pacey’s former girlfriend. But imagine if we could remember that scene in a way that didn’t quite roll off the tongue. Something like:

Cruise crashes after crouching on couch creating chaos.

Gives it a little more zing, right? Which is why i thought it was time to take @AFrikkinHashtag to the next level and really engage people in the brain area which is where last week’s creative tag came from:


That’s right – the invitation to pic your favourite [or unfavourite] celeb and raise them up or crash them down in tongue Twister form in the most creative way. All made easier to play if you download the free @HashtagRoundup app and play along.

We trended #3 in the States and had some really great tweets coming through.

As always it was impossible to pick a winner, but i was able to grab some of the standout tweets, which along with my own starting suggestions combine to make this week’s:


My nemesis slash friend [who will be hosting this week’s INCREDIBLE game in my absence so don’t miss it] Kesha Tedder had one of the most popular tweets [although anything Trump seemed quite popular]:

Getting into the theme of Star Wars with the movie being only one week away [and inspiring the theme for this week’s game]:



This was probably my favourite one that i came up with:

Although in terms of Tongue Twister’s, try saying this one quickly:

And then of course there was all of you, starting with my two stand-in-as-co-host-for-the-day-competition-winners:

‘Is This How I’ who helped RT and Heart up a storm:

And v.finch who also jumped in and played like a pro:

Jenn actually dived in and subverted the tag from the start:

Whereas BinksieCostume27 had our tongues tied with this one:

Daniel introduced a trend many followed of adapting traditional tongue twisters with a touch of celeb:

And Dreamweasel cottoned on to the fact that by the time you have Benedict Cumberbatch’s name in any sentence the tongue twister is pretty much already well on the way:

The Orctioneer was back with a very unique desire:

Whereas Paul went a little House with:

Which Dreamweasel immediately took a step further and found the artwork to prove it:

Daniel returned with some more traditional fare:

Whereas ‘Misty may have’ [who JUST missed out on co-hosting] gave us this Trump flavoured tongue devourer:

John gave us L with:

Fungus saw a different side to Bruce Willis:

More from Fungus with the Ford Fjord causing us trouble:

While ‘We OClock’ brought some Taylor:

Trump and Star Wars continued to be dominant themes throughout:

While Valerie took us back with a blast from the past:

David went all war paint on us:

While Aiden reminded us that some names just don’t need any help:

Jann got the esses going:

While the Orctioneer drove in again with this one:

Not to be left out was Bunni with some Seagal and some wood:

And Gia classed it up a little with this lovely tribute:

As did Valerie, throwing in some isiXhosa to spice hers up:

Rob went meta managing to comment on the game while playing the game:

Whereas David may have had something there:

Bradley tongue twisted the pet of a celeb:

And Donald provided probably one of the best in terms of actual tongue twisting – try say this three times quickly:

And then we had the rest of these:

Well Taggers, once again you absolutely brought it – thank you to everyone who played and special bonus warm feelings to those of you who made the list – we will be back on Wednesday at 1pm [6am EST] with a Star Wars inspired game which i won’t be playing because i will be watching the first viewing of the movie in South Africa – may the Force be with you…

some great contributions i expect to see. With big thanks to @KeshaTedder [follow her if you don’t] for hosting the next game…

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