Ever get the feeling, “There must be more than this!”?


My name is brett “FISH” anderson – welcome to my blog.

If you are someone who is passionate about living a significant life that makes a difference, then you’ve come to the right place.

i love God and i love people… and i continually try to do both better…

That is the main purpose of this blog – to provoke laughter and challenge and inspire and encourage and share ideas and wrestle and celebrate and mourn – as the tagline says, to really ‘suck the marrow out of life’.

From topics that are seldom discussed in church or maybe anywhere, to various aspects and stages of relationships, working through the Bible via blog or short video clip or just plain silliness through my Dangerous Things You Can Least Expect videos… it is all here, and more.


i don’t often fully ‘get’ God, and that’s okay – i have a saying that ‘God is bigger than my box, He’s bigger than my theology, bigger than my understanding, He’s bigger than me.’ a large part of my journey here will be seeking to know Him more.

i am married to the beautiful Val [tbV] and i own the world’s most famous stuffed dolphin called No_bob [because he doesn’t!] – anything else you can find out as we go along…

Following Jesus and laughing. you could have a worse life than that…

PLEASE feel free to comment or share or copy or forward – i LOVE it when people engage with what i write

But let’s try play nice.

Anticipating the journey…

Oh yes, and i just wrote and published a book about being and doing church better. i would not be sad if you bought it. Read more here.

If you’re at all interested in getting to know me a little better, here is a list that is growing towards 100 highlights of my life

love brett Fish [where FISH stands for Faithful In Serving Him]

let’s do this!

If you’re on the Twitterer, then please follow this blog @IrresistiblyFsh and come and say hi to me @brettfisha – i’m sure we’re going to have a whole lot of fun with this.