How to Be A Better Ally – For me as a white person, what are some ways i can help to close the gap?

Conversations about Race in the workplace – My friend Megan Furniss and i get excited about the prospect of hosting Improv/Story-telling workshops which will help companies to address the elephant of race in the room.

Getting Real with some White South Africans about Race – i respond to 3 common white responses

Beyond Colour – My mate Rob Davey shares some stories from Zimbabwe that give much encouragement and conviction

#FeesMustFall – a collection of posts/articles/reflections to do with #FeesMustFall movement October 2015

What about Bob? – a South African white friend of mine who has moved overseas had some questions and some friends respond

Maybe you are a racist butt – A challenge to start calling out racist people you know…

The Difference is i Don’t See Dead People – How to find balance between negative and positive news in SA.

How Can Man Die Better – a series of thoughts after my reading of Robert Sobukwe: How Can Man Die Better, by Benjamin Pogrund

Begging to be Black – some thoughts and extracts from my reading of Antjie Krog’s book with that title

Journey to Robben Island – in December 2014 i and tbV were fortunate enough to get the chance to visit and spend the weekend at Robben Island and these are some thoughts, reflections and experiences from our time on the island.

Some messages for South Africa to listen up to for 2015

One person who gives me hope in South Africa is: A series of stories from people about other South Africans who are doing amazingly positive vibes, both big and small.

Race-related conversations – Some of these are more general as far as race goes but some incredibly valuable thoughts, issues and conversations relating with a wide range of race-related topics.

Race in South Africa – moving towards a truly united country – some thoughts and reflections from a number of South Africans on where we need to head from here.

How about more Zen, less Phobia – a call for us to be sharing more stories of the positive happenings taking place all around SA

Why Economic Inequality in South Africa is not a race thing – or, to be more accurate, why it is!