i have been looking forward to this series for a while.

A while back a number of my friends shared some of their stories relating to Adoption which you can read over here, which is already in some ways a topic that is rarely spoken about. But when it comes to adopting a child from a race or culture group different to yours, then i imagine there are a whole lot of other factors that can also come into play.

In South Africa, there are so many babies that are born into the world without parents, or perhaps without parents who have the resources to raise them well, and so adoption feels like such an important opportunity. i have asked a number of people who have gone through the process to share some of their stories with us. i imagine there will be a whole lot of similarities to any regular adoption story, but also that there will be some nuances and specifically different aspects. i look forward to hearing these stories and getting to share them with you.

Meet Sonja Meyer – The wonder of adoption is that this little one that I have never met before is instantly connected to me.

Meet Abi and babygirl – I have had people of every race tell me it warms their heart to see an interracial family.

Meet Adin and Rita – We all have some bias in the way we were raised and the norms we are accustomed to.