Another Wednesday, another Hashtag game… although this was not just another hashtag game. It was really interesting how this one played out…


RSA Min of Warts [@Stevens947] played the co-host role and we even had a co-co-host in the incredible Kesha Tedder [@KeshaTedder] who i have an online ongoing “nemesis battle” with, and it was a whole lot of crazy fun.

But more than that, because the nature of the tag seemed to inspire some to be fun and witty and out-of-the-box and misdirectional in all the best [and sometimes worst, there be trolls people] ways… but in a way this particular tag seemed to act like both a mirror and a confessional and invite people to look back over the year and celebrate or mourn some of what has passed – a lot of the posts felt quite intimate and therapeutic in a way which was deliciously strange and good.

All that side though, because we know that you’re just here

to find out who made it on to the:


We trended #1 in the States for a while and were on the trending list within 23 minutes i think it was:

Where we remained for at least 9 hours, mostly hovering at the

#4 and #5 spots… so thankx to everyone for making it a popular tweet.

i started off with some of my own pre-prepared tweets:

My co-host people were in some form of their own:

And then there were the rest of you, and as always, from too many great ones

to pick them all,

here are some which jumped out at me:

Anthony went a little Meta with:

Jen reminded us [as did many of you] that this was Marty and Doc year,

although we were still left disappointed by the lack of mainstream Hoverboards:

Former co-host Taliesyne produced one of my favourites and went all literal on us:

R.W. brought back some scary flashbacks:

Jennifer went for the easy dancing baby points:

Brian went mysterious on us and yet i think probably almost every one of us know exactly which drawer he was talking about:

Whereas @moonydamonsta dragged us right back with one of the funnest abstract tweets in the game:

Jason led a host of people who shared about goals being reached in 2015 and a LOT of marathons being run out there by many of you:

One of my faves, Richard, summed up my feelings in an insightful tweet:

Whereas Doc had clearly moved a step towards adulting this year:

@Admitonesin created another of my favourite tweets of the game:

My friend Sammi outed Barbie and Facebook:

@moonydamonsta kept it real with:

While Kenneth certainly rounded off a productive year:

Rev Dodd was also running marathons, which impressed us, until:

Damian had an absolute winner with this one:

Whereas One Bullet Away started to catch up on the rest of us:

Rogelio tempted us all:

Far too much goodness for a Top Ten List and still so many great tweets that could have been on here, but well done to those who were and THANK YOU EVERYBODY for playing the game and keeping it a top trender for so long. See you next week for more South Africa Hashtagging fun…

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