Three weeks ago,  co-host Chris aka @Taliesyne, who with the backdrop of storms trying to flood his house in Australia, helped me to see #YouHadMeAt [and occasionally #YouHadMeat] break the 40 thousand tweet barrier and just go pretty mental…

Two weeks ago, at our last game, it was Kage aka @swissmistress who joined in with the much more specific-flavoured tag of the Monty-Python inspired #ThisParrotIsntDeadIts:


It was a crazy fun game – we didn’t quite get one of the Pythons to play with us, although we did confuse Eric Idle a little bit and got his good wishes and just missed out on Camilla Cleese [daughter of John] joining in.

Well Eric, that would have been easily remedied if you’d taken the 30 seconds needed to read through this simple guide to Hashtagging that i put together with this tag in mind.

For the most part it was a lot of silly fun in the spirit of Monty Python and although it was not as big as some of the other games, we did trend in Philly and some other places in the States for a little bit:

As always, there were too many good ones to share them all, but here are some of the ones that stood out for me in what we call the


Starting with some examples from myself and my co-host Kage:

Ever with a way with words if not spelling, is @giutarman with:

Jonathan had this clever *cough* chirp:

Jeff thought it was in business mode:

While Patch and a number of others thought it was political:

Todd got a little personal:

While my wife, tbV [the beautiful Val] got philosophical:

As did Aidan:

Alan thought it was a Christmas move:

Miles tried to skirt around the obvious:

And Richard returned to knock it out of the park with this clever wordplay:

Just Another Biker brought out some Hitchcock:

Whereas Rob was in complete denial:

Whereas Patch suspected foul, or was it fowl, play:

Python points for Office for cross-Polly-nating:

As well as Brian:

And Brendan:

Whereas Keith got punny:

Bradley thought out of the box, or in this case, the cage:

And finishing off with one of my absolute favourites of the day was John with this classic misdirectional:

Thank you to everyone who played and well done to all of you who made this list where it really is all about being nominated. We are back with a bang tomorrow so be ready for that and if you want to play all of the Hashtaggames more effectively make sure you download the @HashtagRoundup for smart and easy access.

See you soon on @AFrikkinHashtag which after one month of official games has just crosses the 1000 mark of followers – tell your friends and let’s get it to 10000 in no time.

[For next week’s game #2015WasTheYearThatIFinally, click here]