Last week was the second official week of the South African presence on the International Trending Hashtagging game app under the hashtag @AFrikkinHashtag [Say it out loud].

Despite it happening right in the middle of all the #FeesMustFall action, we still somehow managed to briefly trend in South Africa for the first time while also trending solidly at number 4 in the States.

The Tag for last week’s game was #AndThenTheWorldEnded which saw a total of 1902 tweets from 749 contributors and an audience of 2, 706, 446 lasting 107 hours [although most of the action went down in the first two and then twenty-four hours periods].

The most popular tweet came from Christine Whatever @googlygirl98 and received 44 Likes and 18 Retweets:

So at a minimum we want to see a 50 Likes and 25 Retweets tweet during this week’s game. Will it be yours? Every Wednesday at 12 lunchtime our time on – Come and Play.

Besides myself and @KeshaTedder who were hosting the game, the Most Prolific Players were https://twitter.com/Taliesyne and https://twitter.com/jeenalonline [Huge thanks!] and the members of the Casa Del Hashtag community get their usual Kudos for jumping in and getting involved. A golden miniature tiger to each one of you.


With so many tweets coming in so quickly it is close to impossible to pick a top ten list and so the ones i have chosen are not necessarily the ten best, but they are certainly ten of the ones that caught my attention for being Funny or Clever or Right Out Of The Box and so in no particular order they are:

A couple i came up with that were fairly popular were:

i had so much fun play bantering [we were play bantering, right?] with @KeshaTedder who co-hosted and gave as good as she got and amongst the ones she came up with was this okay one that i think she got her mom and cousins to like and retweet:

Then, what you all brought to the party included such classics as:

@TheWalkingAbed referencing some Ghostbusters:

@thatandywhite keeping it literal, in a figuratively meataphorical sense:

@squizzy36 getting a little edgy and tongue in cheek with:

@Curupira94 brought the obligatory Norris reference:

@giutarman [don’t go there, in your best Schwarzenegger voice – “It’s NOT a typo] scored some IT Crowd points:

@SammiD72 probably thought she was using the tag “And Then The World Became Normal” with:

@Cuzzoe2 had the Oops factor:

@Pascaldegier kept us guessing with:

@RacerX393 stated the obvious:

and @emily_the_gray won Bonus Points for the great p.s. slam dunk and R.E.M. reference:

with @Hollyorange8 in close competition for Most Popular Tweet with this ‘Of Course’ gem:

Thanks to everyone who played and all the other amazing tweets that deserved to be on this list – will you make it on to this week’s Fish List of Prizeworthyness? Or will you be an actual Flop?

Make sure you add @AFrikkinHashtag and @BrettFishA to your Twitterer if you want to play. Today RSA Min of Dorks @TheatreAfrica is going to be my co-host and we have a rocking tag, dropping at 12 noon South Africa time and 6am EDT. Hope to see you there.

Make sure you download and jump onto the free @HashTagRoundup app to make game play smoother and more efficient.

[For next week’s results with the tag #MyLastBucketItemIs, click here]