So it’s official. South Africa has joined the International Community of Hashtagging games with the first official tag game which took place yesterday which was #ArtAMovieOrTv.  Every Wednesday at 12 lunchtime our time on – Come and Play.

And it was a LOT of fun. Thank you to everyone who pitched up and got stuck in.

i won’t lie – i was a little bit disappointed by South Africa but super amped that my wife, tbV and a bunch of my friends jumped in. i have to remember it is a new muscle and it needs to be discovered and tried out and embraced and that this will be a bit of a journey. But i know we have the creativity to really show up and dominate and so i hope that i will be able to be creative in terms of finding effective ways of getting my country-people to play.

Huge thanks to the Guys and Girls of Casa Del Hashtag [you know who you are] who helped prepare me and answered questions and all got involved when the game was in play as much as possible and to @BreezyPuffs for giving me my first co-hosting gig a few weeks ago…

With so many incredible suggestions it is impossible for me to pick a definitive Top Ten but rather i will share Ten of the Tweets that i really enjoyed – for me clever stands out as well as having it as close-sounding to the original title and then occasionally complete misdirection or something i didn’t see coming but that was brilliant.

So while there may have been as good or better, here are some of the ones that jumped out for me, but first special mention must be made for @badronen who designed my banners and adverts – the man is a generous genius:



Firstly, this felt like a winner Tweet to signal the beginning of the game:

As was this. It felt good to kick things off with two winners, although I think they got buried early cos I hoped they would do better.

But back to all of you:

This one was a clever catch:

This for me demonstrates EXACTLY what I am looking for in a great tag:

Loved this one by Colin who completely and seamlessly merged two ideas:

Perfect example of Misdirection by @LouGeese, who helped me launch, and an accompanying related picture if always a winner if it adds to the suggestion:

This one made me smile a lot cos it was really a good find and while a number of people shared it I believe Jonathan was the first:

It was an honour having The Hashtag Prophet from Kenya keeping it African as my co-host, @YahBoiSelfie and this one is another case of great Misdirection with the hills being in the picture, not the name:

My wife Valerie [aka tbV or The Beautiful Val] does not generally have time for the silliness of Hashtag Games so it was so rad having her jump on to support and come up with some classics:

Ice Collar nailed it with this cleverest of finds, definitely one of my favourites:

Every now and then I did spot a South African and it was excellent seeing my friend and Improv guy Andrew diving in with this beauty:

And of course this winner by Liao Lu, largely biased as this is one of my favourite paintings:

With Theresa closing it out with this classic of classics:

i must include this by my friend Richard, who can’t seem to quite spell ‘guitar’ right, simply cos he is an avid game creator and all-round fun dude and cos this is SO good:

Actually I also HAVE to include this double and then just STOP LOOKING cos they are just so good:

Honourable Mention to: Desperately Seeking Cezanne, Louvre Actually, The Post-Modernism Always Rings Twice, I Know what Hue Did Last Summer and so so many more.

Thank you everybody for playing – tell your friends – and if you’re from South Africa or know South Africans, tell them to get involved – next Wednesday at 12 lunchtime our time and 6am EDT

Follow me on @brettfisha and the game on @afrikkinhashtag [say it out loud! oh yes i did!] and my man Hashtag Prophet on @YahBoiSelfie and if you want to play and make it a little easier on yourself make sure you follow @HashtagRoundup and get the App to do all the work for you…

Til next time…


If you missed the game, why not try your hand at one or two [or more] in the comments section – what have you got for #ArtAMovieOrTv? 

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