Can you go without meat for one week?

Yesterday i posed the question on Facebook just to see what people’s response would be and it was interesting to see what people had to say [a number of people claiming they could but their spouse? No way. And one person who suggested he might be able to give up vegetables for a week].

But that’s really all this is. Check it out:

My wife, tbV [aka The Beautiful Val] and i are currently in our third week of not eating meat. And we are LOVING it.

It basically came out of a recent time when i asked a number of my vegetarian and vegan friends to share some of their story as to why they had made the move and these stories were so inspiring and challenging that we decided we needed to look at how we eat meat. One of the things that struck us was the idea that it damages the earth so much more producing cattle than it does producing vegetables [especially when cattle are grain fed cos then we are basically just feeding our food what could be our food].

While tbV and i don’t feel quite ready to don our vegetarian suits [yup, there are suits!] we thought if we tried going for a week without any meat and then follow that up with a week where we eat the same amount of meat we would normally eat, then we would effectively be cutting our meat consumption in half. That seemed like a good thing to do and so we did it and are just about to finish our third week.

More about that later – one couple not eating meat for a week won’t make all that much difference, but what if ten people joined in? Or 100? Or 1000? Thus this challenge and invitation was born.

All you have to do is give up meat for ONE week and then come back here and let us know how it went [good? bad? ugly?] – If you are up for the challenge, then SHARE this blog post on Facebook or the Twitterer and tag just TWO of your friend who you think might do it with you and challenge them to join you. 

That is it. Can YOU give up meat for ONE week? Let us know how it goes? 

[If you can’t give up meat for just one week that might be a bad sign of addiction, but that’s another blog] Good luck!

One article that helped inform this decision relating to the carbon footprint effects of beef, can be found here.

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