It is a fairly strange thing for a guy to list ‘Hair’ as one of the 100 highlights of his life, unless you’re David Beckham and have David Bekham type hair i guess?


But for me, it’s been an extension [ha!] of my personality and a way for me to express myself in many various ways and so definitely deserves to be on this list.

Before tbV was on the scene there was a period, while i was part of the Kenilworth Vineyard church, so early 2000s i guess, when i would dye my hair fairly regularly and it almost became a bit of a church ‘thing’ – What colour is going to be next?

When i was growing up i had really white blonde type hair and then in standard 9 [grade 11 to you young’uns] i dyed it a really dark brown and it never recovered. From there it was a dark blonde colour [when it wasn’t peroxided, purple or blue that is].

But all that to say, probably one of the worst hairstyles i ever had, was more correctly a headstyle and it was the time that i, along with Tim and Nic Smal from the band Serving Suggestion at the time, shaved our heads and mine went bright red and i felt a little Home Aloney… some people have beautiful bald heads, but not this guy:


At the opposite end of the spectrum, the time i had the longest hair and we took some TheatreSports Improv promotion pics was the other worst my hair has ever looked, probably even worse than baldhead… but there were some other times it was pretty long that i really thought it looked pretty good:

One of the best times ever was not doubt when my hair was purple, which was a suggestion, by the beautiful Val [tbV] actually, for the momentous occasion of our wedding:

One of the most painful hairstyles i ever had was the time i went to a proper African hairstylist in the hope that my quest for dreads would be realised and then this happened:

spikedredtopTiny sections of rolled up hair with pins through them. She told me to keep it like that for two days [i couldn’t sleep and remember agonising times on my dad’s Lazyboy with a more than sensitive scalp, trying to find any kind of comfortable position to rest my head] and then two days later when i returned to the shop she and a bunch of her colleagues laughed at me [with a bunch of conversation happening in another language] as if i had not been meant to keep it in for two days or something. i don’t have a great pic of the other time my hair caused me an immense amount of pain, but it was the time i was in Malawi with YWAM and i had my hair braided which took four and a half hours of intense pulling [had hair that was fairly short so they had to pull a lot to attach the extensions] and it looked amazing for about a week when they started falling out. Lesson learnt.


The one time i am particularly proud of and quite keen to try again sometime [maybe if tbV goes away for a month sometime] was what i call my leopard do when i peroxided my hair and then only dyed half of it to create these multi-toned amazingnesses [yes, you may choose to fill in your own word there]:

And of course various other lengths and styles and shades and moments of hair appreciation. You really only do live about once and so you might as well experiment and have some fun and get it right and get it horribly wrong. When last did you do something a little ‘out there’ with your hair? It’s probably about time, right?

While we really shouldn’t be forgetting this guy, right?

2014brettdreadsOh, and of course, this guy who starred in an Improv duet with the incredible Megan Furniss:


But to be honest, right now, rocking the short-haired slight-hint-of-a-bit-of-a-mohawk hipster author vibe, which, to be honest, is where it’s at… [this month, anyways…]


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