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It is a fairly strange thing for a guy to list ‘Hair’ as one of the 100 highlights of his life, unless you’re David Beckham and have David Bekham type hair i guess?


But for me, it’s been an extension [ha!] of my personality and a way for me to express myself in many various ways and so definitely deserves to be on this list. Continue reading

bad business name #1

the other day i drove past a hairdressing place in claremont called Rapunzels hair studio and upon brief reflection i thort to myself, “that is a pretty awful name for a business – Rapunzel after all is the fairy-tale character who never cut her hair… ever… and you’re gonna trust her to cut yours…?”

so maybe you can pull in for a light colour tint or possibly even a dry perm (i don’t even know if there is such a thing as a dry perm but i didn’t want the word ‘perm’ to be lonely and ‘dry perm’ sounded like a technique i would employ if i was a hairdressing person) but as far as hair cutting goes, i’d look for another place

…and while we’re on the topic… hairdressing? what’s with calling it that? has there ever been a single occasion in your life where you have seen someone who has just come back from having had a cut or a dye and said, “wow lady, your hair looks pretty well dressed” ?

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