i have lived [and continue to live] a full life…

The other day i posted about how my wife organised Black Widow and Hulk costumes so that we could watch the new Avengers: Age of Ultron movie dressed up.

i also returned home from my trip to Durban to find that she had discovered an old stack of photos from my life with some really crazy hairstyles and some crazier life moments documented right there before her eyes. It gave me great joy reliving the moments and the relationships that stack of photos represented and got me to thinking that i have lived a full, fun and crazy life.

And that it would be cool to share some of those moments. And so, in an ongoing series, as the photos tell the tales or as my mind is jogged by people commenting or thinking back to a myriad of stories, here are [at least] 100 highlight moments from my life. i am going to number them randomly so it’s not like we’re building up towards number 1 or anything, but some stories are worth telling.

Stories of illegal semi-naked mountain climbs, of midnight statue paintings, of spaghetti fights and 3am house toilet-paperings, of dreads and braids and mullets [VERY briefly, as in minutes!] and baldness, or creative food-making and brushes with the law and with celebrities, and maybe even that time i… okay, i may not be able to tell that one…

To those who created these stories with me, Thank You! To those who were there and had to take the pictures [back in the day before cellphones] instead of being in them, strength and love.

i am not even halfway finished with my life [one hopes] and so there is space and time for so many more, and this is not a definitive list by any means, and i hope it prompts you to jump in and share some similar stories [or even out me on other stories you may have been in with me – help jog my memory and see if you can make this list] but for the most part, i hope it will give you a smile and maybe even wonder, if you don’t already, #WhereTheFlipDidTheyFindThisGuy…

So without further much ado about nothing… here to follow are 100 Highlight moments from my life…

#5 Highbury, Rage and the ‘What’s the difference?’ rule – because really, what’s the difference between 1.15am and 1.45am?

#8 There’s a guy – Stories of Lion’s Head semi-naked hiking encounters

#27 Airports – Teletubby suits, Hare Krishna getups and more

#36 Sayings – Jack Handey and a lesser known guy called Brett Andy

#48 No_bob the world’s most famous stuffed dolphin

#54 Becoming Free 

#61 Richard Branson – The time i almost met him and the money he owes me!

#63 Hair – there have been a few different looks through the years

#78 Fish Net Stocking Tan – You know, cos of cycle tours and things.

#93 Spur Waiter – 5 years baby – world’s best job ever IF…

[These pics are not necessarily the 100 highlights but a teaser of the kind of thing to be expecting]

Any highlight moments you can think of that you might have been involved in or witnessed that you think should make it on to the list. Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

[To be continued…]