Many years ago, i went to visit two of my greatest plutonic girl friends, Sam Gardyne and Debbie Payne.

i met them at a Baptist Youth Summer Camp in Kimberly and for some reason we just clicked and they became two of my favourite people in life, and remained that way for ever, despite us hardly ever getting enough time to see each other.

But about once a year we would try make a plan and we would take turns flying to where the other lived and hang out for a week or two and we have so many stories from those times together. Then one time i arrived at the airport to be greeted by this:

My friends had gotten two of their friends to join them, hired actual flippin Teletubby suits and greeted me at the airport wearing them. But Dipsy wanted to dance… game on.

Next time Sam and Debbie flew to Cape Town, they were met by this guy and his equally religion-embracing stuffed dolphin No_bob:

Then our friends Jason Currie and Sean Tucker got into the game and when Sam and Debbie flew to Joburg they were greeted by a number of strangers holding A4 pages with tastefully nude pregnant bodies on with photoshopped Sam and Debbie’s heads attached with ‘Welcome Sam and Debbie’ on them.

i feel like there may have been more, but these are the ones i remember for now and they made flying and arriving a story to be remembered…

What is one highlight moment of your life that has become a fun story that gives you great joy?

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