Today, I challenge you to take your gaze upward, and write a poem about the stars.


oh distant star

how i used to gaze romantically upon you

thinking of the wonder it would be

to one day shoot off into space

and land upon you

wandering around

creating memories

watching planets whizz by

as shooting stars sounded off their celestial celebrations

in the distance

enter science class [stage left]

as if learning that your distance from me

was not enough to dampen my spirits

the illumination of the fact that

your illumination is caused by the

conflagration of gases that make up your being

and that if ever i did manage to traverse

the atmospheric disco ball darkness that keeps us apart

and ever land on your surface to wander in wonder

that my very shoes, socks and the soles of my feet

would simply scorch

skin and sinew

reducing my very legs to bloody stumps

that is, if my whole body had not exploded into a ball of disintegrating ash

before even coming reasonably close in any way to any form of physical contact with you

so, hoping you won’t take this personally at all

but i think i would rather keep all my current appendages intact

and let any wondering

replace all wandering

and keep you simpley as a momentary regular distant head nod of acknowledgement

as i gaze outside my window on another starry night

to wish what may

to wish what might

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