This is the place where any poems i write in 2015 will hang out together, and tell stories of the great war they never got to fight in:

i have started trying to write some Micropoetry, which are really short poems which you can find here

to them who have ears – i don’t understand why some people i really don’t think are bad people respond so negatively and seemingly insecurely to some of the online conversations of race and so came up with this…

i not me – a poem i wrote on behalf of a group of people i probably have no right to write poems for

is a label able? – a poem about the labels we attach to people

sitting on the edge of the tub – a poem i wrote about wrestling with faith

o deathly grape – part of a poem a day in April challenge – started with this one which was all about negation – describing something by what it’s not

stardust – a romantic’ish black comedy poem related to a starry romance

Easter, in fourteen beats – The challenge was to write a fourteener where each line has 14 syllables

word unspoken – Write a love poem without using any typical love poem writing language

Just For A Second – this was an aubade: a morning poem, typically a separation of lovers, gave mine a twist

hidden treasures – simply the theme of Money

It has always been you – my first ever palinode which is a retraction of a previous poem

turning the tide – a poem about the need for white people in SA to HURRY UP and move towards their black neighbours

the nature of it – me and tbV went camping and i got inspired

Waterless – my first ever calligram which is a shape poem

Making sense of the letters in my soup – an abecedarian which is a poem where each new line starts with the next letter of the alphabet

who me? don’t be syllable’y – my first attempt [or not?] at a Sapphics with very specific syllabic line structure…