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the nature of it

stunning sunset

casting its fading light

across the valley

trees gently shaking

their arms

in the breeze

farmyard animals

searching for

the perfect harmony

from cacophony

as they raise

their gravelled voices

as one

flies buzzing

creepies crawling

tiny birds picking

at their nests

the beauty

of nature

[as long as

it keeps

its distance]

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Turning the Tide

one white hand

calling to another

to tear itself away

from the clenched fist

it has become

accustomed to

to step away

and towards

the sea of black faces

looking on

exhibiting so much





but at the edges

one can start to see

the restlessness

is beginning to show

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Heidi Segal selects the poem ‘Father William’ by Lewis Carroll and invites Erik [with a K] to give it his best:

Did that deeply move you in places you didn’t even know you had places? What poem would you entrust Erik [with a K] with if you were given the opportunity?

[For more of the classics read by Erik [with a K] in his special way, click here]

stop the noise


when you

don’t have anything

to say

the very

best way

to acknowledge

that is

to keep

your fingers

from typing

any words

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Micropoem: closed


your words

tell me

you are


but your



to me

you have


decided what

you are

going to


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i would like to introduce you to Erik [with a K]

Sometimes when i am bored or feeling extremely creative, i like to disappear so that my alter ego, Brad Fish, can take centre stage – among the most popular things that Brad Fish was ever good for was a series of Dangerous Things You Can Least Expect videos lovingly known as DTYCLE where he warned us about all kinds of things we might have never known we needed warning about such as paper, camping and of course the more obvious dangers inherent in too much violins in the world.

In more recent times though, Brad Fish has not been around as much, but in his place has stepped another man, of more European persuasion, and who has a taste for some of the finer things in life, such as poetry, and particularly reading it [or parts of it] really loudly in his delightfully foreign accent.

That man was Erik [with a K] and here are some of the poems he has done so far:

Do Not Go Gentle by Dylan Thomas

Father William  by Lewis Carroll

Lonely Cloud by William Wordsworth

Sea Fever by John Masefield

Timothy Winters by Charles Causley

Given the opportunity, what poem would you ask Erik [with a K] to recite for you?

Amy Benn requests the poem ‘Timothy Winters’ by Charles Causley and Erik [with a K] gives it his best shot:

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