Here are the top 10 posts from my blog this past year in case you missed some of them or want to share any of them with people you know – thankx for being part of this growing community – hopefully onward and upward in 2015:

[10] How to Save a Marriage [before you need to] – old series but a goodie written by a number of my well-married friends sharing a key idea or principle that they found to be of huge benefit to them.

[9] Let’s talk about Sex – a popular series by a new bloggerist friend i discovered in 2014, Lily Dunn, focusing on some myths aTaboo Topicsbout sex she learned in the church growing up.

[8] An open letter to my White Friends in South Africa and Americaland – i have been following race issues and conversations both here in South Africa and back in Americaland where we were living and here are some thoughts i had.

[7] Living with a Disability – meet Susannah Prinz and Monrovia [Deaf] – Of the very popular ‘Living with Disability’ series i ran under my Taboo Topics banner, this one had so much heart that it touched so many people and continues to.

[6] Married People [and how to maybe do it better] – i have a huge heart for marriage and so this page links to a number of series and posts that have been written to encourage people who are on that journey.

[5] Taboo Topics – Possibly the tab on my blog i am most proud of as there are a lot of stories bravely shared on a whole host of topics seldom spoken about in church and beyond – such as losing a baby, infertility, singleness and our most recent topic of addiction.

[4] I Kissed Dating [the parts] – a whole lot of posts on different aspects of dating.

[3] Taboo Topics: Singleness – When i first posted this i was pleasantly surprised by just how popular it is – having posted a few more stories with such different perspectives on Singleness this year it once again shot to near the top of the most popular of pieces.

[2] Taboo Topics: Living with Disabilities: Meet Uel Maree [Spinal Cord Injury – diving accident] – My friend Uel is a legend who had an unfortunate accident and yet continues to inspire, look out for others and make the most out of life – more than 3000 people viewed and shared this story and it continues to inspire.

And finally, the number 1 post on Irresistibly Fish in 2014 was;

[1] Marriage through the Years – this stunning series was created by friends of mine married for from 1 year all the way to 45 years, sharing some wisdom and struggles from their journeys to hopefully inspire and encourage others on theirs.

So there you have it – top ten posts on my blog in terms of how many people viewed them – which one was yours? And was there possibly a favourite you had that didn’t make this list? please feel free to share this with anyone you know who may benefit from one of these posts and series.

And let’s see what 2015 has in store for us. Hope you are anticipating a deeply significant year with me…