Not sure where this came from – possibly inspired by a few spoken word poets i follow on the Twitterer [@brettfisha] but was lying in bed this morning and suddenly started writing a poem on the Twitterer which means line after line of 140 characters or less, trying to make each line complete  and full, while also creating a whole completed piece.

This is what emerged:

Deep breath. Reset. New day. New ways. To breathe in. And live out. To fling faith in the face of doubt. Tension. Mention. The wrestling.

The holding of different ideas that seem to contradict. Yet somehow cannot inflict. The killer blow to the other. Could it be? Harmony?

Can you see? This thing in me. That cries out. Hoping to not die out. Struggling to find out. If it is indeed the Truth you seek?

Questioning the questions. That arm wrestle. Grappling for traction. An attraction. Looking for satisfaction. Working towards an action.

Hoping to reach a conclusion. That holds some solution. Might you view it as an intrusion. Some sort of infraction on my behalf?

Or will you consider the possibility? Within this apparent impossibility. That the light I hold out may just be. A distinct opportunity.

Something to reach out for. To cast your doubt aside for. To satiate your thirst for more. Is this the thing you’re looking for? Is it more?

Will you take this chance? To transform your very circumstance? To lift yourself from your chair and join this dance?

Risk a fall to gain it all. Step closer to the precipice. Or hold back in safety and give this a miss? Watch from afar. Spectate.

But never step in. Cheer on but never quite win. Desire, dream and hope, but always remain there on the periphery. Able to look but not see.

To imagine, but never quite taste or smell. To sit with the tip of the tongueness that is a constant reminder of what might have been…

Had you taken the chance to leap?


Why don’t you give it a try and share yours with me?

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