my friend Michael Toy gave me a copy of his poetry book with some classic gems in it: Blame it on the Huehuetenango

The Twitterer Poem: Lying on my bed with a phone and this happened

Cause Wars – what happens when all the people with causes they support don’t play nice?

Gratitude – a poem written from a space of desert but in a vineyard

The space between death and resurrection [part of Lent observance]

Gazing toward a new year – technically written in 2013 but people only got to read it in 2014 as it was written in a worship space as the New Year was approaching

March of the Ants – because the world doesn’t have nearly enough pomes about ants fighting each other yet

Done 40 – reflections on an incredible party night

Who Reigns? – a poem written in the moment of being trapped outdoors in the rain with no house key

Sound of a Brain Exploding – sometimes in intense work meetings you have to scribe poetry just to prevent this from actually happening

Keep it to yourself – on the things we allow others to say to us and the things we allow ourselves to say to them aka accountability