i love how in the darkest and longest of rooms, the moment you light the smallest candle, it can be seen from anywhere else in the room. [Unless of course, you’re hiding in a cupboard, but then, Narnia!]

Whereas in the lightest and brightest of rooms, you introduce a little bit of darkness and nothing much happens. You introduce a lot more darkness and things just get a little bit dimmer. Finally, you flood the room with darkness, leaving just the smallest bit of light and the light can still be seen.

We spend far too much time trying to snuff out the darkness.

Let’s light some lights.

As we’ve been having conversation about the #UniteAgainstCorruption marches or #ZumaMuseFall as they have more commonly been known, and as we’ve looked at the question of, “Can we stop saying it’s about Race?” it has seemed like a lot of the people critiquing us [which is good and welcome and must continue as long as it is honest and kind and true] sit with the assumption that because we are saying it’s not just about Zuma falling, that we are giving Zuma the thumbs up and defending him and saying we agree and think he’s doing a good job…

Not at all. Read Craig’s piece again. This is not suggesting for a second that we back or support him and think he is a good leader. But we are saying that it is far more than that. And that the inquiry HAS to begin with ourselves [after all, who do we have the greatest sway over when it comes to change and a shift in mindset or trajectory?]

As i wrote one of my many status updates this last week i tagged it with the #SouthAfricansMustRise and really liked the idea of that. Within thirty minutes i had seen the tag in two other places so i don’t think i came up with it, but many many of us did at the same time. That doesn’t matter at all. What does matter though, is that #SouthAfricansMustRise is a candle being lit, not a darkness being chased away.

[But i’ll let you into a secret… a candle being lit ALWAYS means that some darkness is being chased away. Maybe not all of it, but some, and the next candle adds to that, and the next one. You don’t need to focus on darkness-chasing when you’re busy lighting candles]


The image of the Pheonix – the mythical flame-breathing birdlike creature rising from the ashes. That sounds appropriate to where we find ourselves at the moment, yeah?

As you head into Christmas and as 2016 is just around the corner, let’s start thinking and conversing and dreaming about ways in which we can rise – as an individual, as a family, as a local community and as a country.

Let’s make it practical.

Let’s make it intentional.

Let’s try and be that extra bit more kind to the person next to us whose #SouthAfricansMustRise moment might look different than ours

Let’s pull people along with us instead of trying to beat them down.

Let’s rise.

Let us make #SouthAfricansMustRise the Cry of this Beloved Country.

Who is with me?