This will be my second attempt:

i had this idea for a stream of consciousness kind of Spoken Word vibe but written down with no edits and so what i am going to do in a moment is ask Facebook for a word to get me started – i will pick the seventh word suggested, whatever it is, and then come back here, write down that word as the heading and then flow a written piece with whatever comes into my mind and try and catch the rhythm of a spoken word piece and publish whatever comes out. No pauses. No edits. You’ll have to take me at my word on that, but here goes with Writken Word, second attempt, thanks to Simeon Davis for supplying the word:


Take a moment, if you will, and notice that you are standing at the edge of an empty field. Empty, excepting for a lonely cow that stands there right at the edge near you, chewing the cud. That cow looks so lonely with its cowbell hanging around its neck but no creature within sight to be able to hear or even respond so said bell. You begin to wonder what goes on in the mind of a cow like that or is it so focused on the chew chew chewing motion of its mouth that there are no thoughts going on in there at all. As you watch the chew chew chewing of its mouth you suddenly realise that you are no longer in your body. You have been hypnotised into another dimension and you start to look around and try to get a feel for where you are.

Suddenly time has no meaning but you know that now so that must mean that there is a now somehow or was it then. And if then then how can it be now. Or can it be that then has become now and perhaps the two run into each other somehow. But now you find yourself swimming the breaststroke and this is all starting to trip you out a little bit. As you swim along in this air of nothingness you try and gather your thoughts while realising that they are all unattached to you and swimming all around you taunting you, darting in occasionally and taking little nips into your flesh and it tickles.

And now you are in a big armchair sinking deeply into what feels like the most comfortable cushion you have ever sat in and you look around the room, for now you are in a room and notice that all around on the walls are a hundred thousand clocks all tick tick ticking in a way that makes you feel uneasy. There is something about the tick tick ticking of the clocks, but your thoughts are still all around you and you so you are having difficulty pulling them all together. You close your eyes. And you are gone once more.

Time passes, or does it pass or is that just the awareness of a passing that is nagging at the back of your mind. There is a heaviness that has come over you and your body is starting to feel like a lead weight and being pulled to the floor, if there is a floor here at all. You try to open your eyes to see where you are but there doesn’t seem to be a where at all, just a who and that who is you and you start to feel panicked inside and you snap awake and…

The chew chew chewing of the cow. So mesmerising. So silent. You wish that dratted bell would make some sound…

= = = = = = = =

Well, THAT was different, very much not a spoken word type but more of a creative poetic narrative. But fun anyways. Will be back with another one next week perhaps.

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