Amici, peregrinos cives, date ‘i, church’ descriptiones vestras mihi

Or, roughly translated, ‘Friends, Foreigners, Countrymen, lend me your photos of ‘i, church”.


To everyone who has a copy of my book, ‘i, church’:

[1] i would love to build up my gallery of pics of the book so if you are up to selfie’ing a pic of yourself and the book so i can get some shots of people who have it, i would love to get those mailed to me, tagged on Facebook or stuck on my Brett “Fish” Anderson​ book page.

[2] By now i imagine a number of you have read it and so i would love feedback on the good, bad and ugly and also [and i guess particularly if you liked it] if you are up to writing a short review on Amazon, that would be incredibly appreciated and very helpful. You can do that over here.

Getting a book published actually seems to be the easiest part. Getting it into the hands of people is the challenge. One of the ways i have been dreaming up to effectively do that is by hopefully being invited to a Church Q & A party at someone’s house which i explained a little bit about over here.  The idea is for someone who has read the book to invite a bunch of people they think might be interested in hearing more or who they believe would have some questions about church and we hang out and they ask questions and we have some engaged conversation about church and then leave them with an opportunity to buy the book if they are interested. If this is something you would be interested in hearing more about, please contact me and we can chat.

We are in Oakland for the whole of June and would definitely be up to doing one or two of those here and we will be back in Cape Town in July and i am hoping to do a trip to Joburg/Pretoria before the end of the year so all of those places hold opportunities.

Am open to other ideas when it comes to distribution and will continue to talk to people who are one this journey to hopefully learn more from them, but please feel free to share some ideas you might have with me.


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