i LOVE Parks and Rec – new favourite series and gobbled the whole thing up towards the end of last year by myself as it was the one show i started watching without Val [who had Downton Abbey, White Collar, Weeds, Grey’s and so on by herself while i was busy doing other stuff] and it just got better and better.

the two characters that annoyed me the most in the first season became the highlight for me – Ron Swanson and Andy Dwyers – altho the show works for me cos each character is so solid… but those two are so brilliantly written and acted and just get stronger all the time…

and now tbV has started watching it so i get to do the whole thing over again and the other night we watched the episode where Andy plays “The Pit” song with his ever-changing-band-name band which ends that episode as ‘Mouse Rat’ and the song has completely stuck in my head and so i had to share it with you… [this will be meaningless and horrible if you don’t watch ‘Parks and Rec’ in which case START WATCHING PARKS AND REC people!]

maybe not everyone’s cup of Nachtmusik but that’s okay…

if you’re a fan and want a trip down memory lane, take a listen to Mouse Rat and ‘The Pit’

who is your favourite character and why?