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Locked in a Cave – part iii

So yesterday’s cave time was pretty productive. Have now largely sorted out the beginning of the book and was trying to sit with the chapters and sections and work on a bigger overview of the book as a whole – how it all fits together and have i left anything out. Also got an email from one of my friends who was reading the book to review it for me and felt i had left out a major section or point and so today i will sit with that and see what needs to change or how i will address his really helpful comments. This last hundred meters of this 15 year plus race has felt very much like a communal effort as i sit in a place organised by my mates Duncan and MJ, as i work on feedback given by Joel and tbV and Rob and Garth and Jessica and others, as i quickly email people and bounce ideas off them or run a quick survey to choose the best way forward. Really feels like my arms are being held up by friends and people are cheering me on and that feels great.

But for today i have moved to a new cave. From African Tree Lodge which was a stunning place and you should all go stay there when you are visiting Durban [and turns out the manager, Lloyd, goes to the church i preached at on Sunday night] i have set sail to Red Tudor Bed and Breakfast which is another paradise away from the buzz of the suburb roads and noise and general busyness.

So welcome to Cave 2 – no, it’s still not an actual cave people, sigh.



Today is another half day of writing – had to leave one cave and move to the other and with a gap of time in between managed to meet with my good mate Brian Louw and solve most of the mysteries of the Universe and later tonight i am hanging with great friends Debs and Baz and Dreads and Nancy twin and a big pile of ribs.

Then tomorrow’s full day of writing and the book will be done! And then flying back to Cape Town on Friday. So today going over a bunch of chapters and sections i circled to make sure they are worth having in or can maybe be improved or enhanced in some way and then tomorrow will be final push – adding one or maybe two more chapters in terms of ideas people have shared or asked about or things i think might still be missing and then making sure the end is solid and anything else that crops up.

To the cave…


that is the title of my yet-to-be-published book. i have a title. and i have a book. and i think i am ready to start exploring ideas of how to go forward with getting it published. i have spent the last few days proof-reading someone else’s book and it made me realise [along with a friend of mine who started reading my book and gave me some positive feedback, thankx Liam!] that i pushed through with getting the book finished before coming over to the simple way for a reason…

i don’t suspect i will find a publisher to publish the book [have had one look at it and while he said he liked the content it is not the kind of book they will pick up – but the style for me is part of the heart of the book – chatty, conversational, informal and hopefully still passionate, challenging, contemplative] and so that really leaves self-publishing or e-publishing which both take some time, effort and money i imagine.

don’t have much of any of those but for now it’s just a case of feeling ready to do something and starting to pray about it and hoping that some type of direction for it comes along…

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