i should probably disable comments on this one, but i generally want to understand.

Let me just jump in and say it, although i do feel like i am the only person in the world that feels like this, given the fuss people generally put up about this sort of thing, altho i don’t know that i’ve had many direct conversations about it specifically, but here it is:

I don’t know that i believe that Freedom of Speech should be a right.

There, i said it. [Hides behind couch]


For so many people [and it feels like everyone, feel free to let me know if there is anyone else out there who actually, gasp, thinks the same as me on this, and i am also open to the possibility that i could be wrong in my opinion] it feels like this is no-questions-asked a right that each and every person in the world should have.

You know, ‘smart’ slogans like this:


I call Bullshit.

Maybe it’s just because i have a blog with a comments section where people have come and told me i hate animals or i hate people who work with animals, or where in the past week a group of trolling trolls have set up camp to spew their racist rants [some of which i have published as i try give space for most comments, but a fair amount which i actually just could not bring myself to share with anyone else cos of their complete lack of compassion or human decency]…

Maybe it’s because i have spent any time in a comments section where a person has written about religion or LGBT rights or race or rape culture or the fair treatment of women…

Maybe it’s because of sitting in a waiting room yesterday listening to the kind of pure-offensive-hate-speech rap music that was blared out on the streets of Kensington almost daily when we lived there and you know what, mister misogynic anti-woman rapper guy, i DON’T believe you should have freedom of speech if you are going to use it that way. I really just don’t.

Maybe it’s simply because sometimes [often!] people say some really stupid and really mean and really unnecessary stuff. And i just do not quite understand why we need to fight or die or rally or anything to allow that.

Having said all that:

[1] How would you police it if it weren’t so? Probably impossible, because one person’s “clever satirical barb” is another’s “mouth instrument of satan!” – it is a subjective thing and so would clearly be quite difficult to figure out what is okay and what is not.

[2] i saw a cartoon by the Charlie Hebdo people that i found incredibly offensive in terms of mocking the Trinity involved in a three way sex act. So i would say that that kind of ‘Freedom of Speech’ is not something i’m super happy to fight for, because it is hurtful by mocking something that is the most important thing in my life. However, even with this picture in mind, that NEVER makes it okay for them to be killed. God is definitely big enough to defend Himself and they will stand before Him one day. So while i am opposed to ‘Freedom of Speech’ being the entitled mantra of so many, i do not think that killing someone for misusing it is ever okay.

So that’s me on this, but i am genuinely curious as to why others [and seemingly everyone else in the world?] seems to think that freedom of speech should be a given. Please take a moment and let me know your thoughts…

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