it feels like sometimes in life there is a choice between being a lover or a fighter.

my good mate Sean Du Toit shared this quote with me on my birthday:

quote having recently written a post where i gave some focus to internet trolls and then reading this quote, i imagine we are talking about two different groups of people here.

it feels to me like the people described by St. Augustine are not the ones picking fights in Facebook comment threads, being pulled into Twitter battles or writing mean and nasty things in comment threads [or pointing out enthusiastically who gets to go to heaven and who is destined for hell]

and so maybe this comment right here holds the power or solution to end those things

the cure for being an online douche so to speak…

# find someone to help

# move towards someone in need

# look around for the suffering in the world

# listen to someone’s story

and so, if you ever find yourself feeling a little douchy [it’s a word!] why not take a step back and pick one of those things and go and do it.

go and be it.

blessed are you who choose love over fightery!