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picture within a picture

subtle reflection

at first glimpse, this seems like an inappropriate picture to stick under the label of ‘Reflections’ as it is just a sideways portrait of a very sexy man [slash pre-dreadlocked me, some years ago]

but what i like about this picture, is the double take that happens if you give it a moment and are drawn to the reflection that sits quietly, minding its own business, waiting for you in the glasses lens… what story is going on there?

the road less travelled? the trip about to be undertaken?

is there a story to be shared? or a journey yet to be launched?

suddenly what started out as simply a snapshot of a face has exploded into a myriad of possible tales, waiting to be experienced or shared around the campfire, or yet to be written even.

the power of a reflection. and the reflections that accompany it.

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deep significance to me and my identity lies within the green, and without.

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when i saw the theme for this week’s challenge my immediate thought was this picture of my youngest sister Dawn [one of my most favourite people in the world] hanging out with some kids in Umtata [South Africa] on this missions trip we did and the idea of bringing renewal through the simple act of love and friendship and touch and story-telling…

let the little children come unto me…

the second one that came to mind was the collision of serious and comedy as i got the opportunity many year ago to baptise one of my good friends Megan Giggles on this camp that we did as a bunch of young adults – Megan asked if she could be baptised and so i asked the campsite people where the deepest part of the lake was and turns out it must have been low tide or something as we walked and walked and walked and walked and it just didn’t seem to be getting deeper. and so in what must be one of the world’s most shallowest baptisms [focusing strongly on the theme of renewal – symbolically joining with Jesus in His death as you go beneath the water and then rising up out of it symbolising new life, new beginnings, new commitment] we managed to get Megan mostly under the water and the context with laughter interspersed with deep meaning really added so much to the whole experience.

dying to the old, rising up into the new…

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when i saw the topic for this week’s photo challenge was geometry i quickly ended up at this photo which was the unfortunate consequence of an inspirationally creative idea colliding with a unfortunate forgetting of a necessary tool to pull off said idea…

every year i have cycled the 109km [67.7295 mile] Argus Cycle tour in Cape Town, South Africa, both the largest individual times race in the world and one of the most beautiful in terms of scenery along the way… and for most of those years i cycled in creative costumes, largely involving the use of pink tights [simply because i had them left over from some children’s drama i once did] and this particular year the pink tights were done and i had to get more creative and so managed to convince a friend of a friend of mine to cycle with me in fish net stockings…

we may have forgotten to put on the required amount of sun tan lotion. in fact we may have forgotten to apply any sun tan lotion at all. not a wise thing to miss when you are about to spend 6 or more hours in the hottest hours of the blazing sun while cycling and so this criss-cross pattern was the result and the geometry stayed with us for a couple of months…

which brings me to my second pic and a much less personally painful one taken on a trip to a youth conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and this geometry-laden pic of a variety of shapes scattered below the walkway of the Petronas Twin Towers… the circles, triangles and squiggles combining and contrasting helping create what almost feels like a musical kind of symmetry to it…



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in Americaland the hockey stick is a symbol of a women’s sport whereas in Africa it is the epitome of a fast-paced man’s [and womens] astro field battle of skill, perseverance and chance-taking…

I would call this a half-silhouette as the light comes brightly from the side giving a sense of the depth lurking behind this pose while concealing enough to keep you guessing as to what is really being thought about. [hint: adding bacon bits to a pot of mashed potato]



This full body shot asks the question, “Is the body blocking out the sun, or is the shadow blocking out the body?” Kind of a chicken/egg question, but with less barnyard metaphorical.

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