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with the theme of ‘Kiss’ there are certainly a lot of different interpretations i could have given to this week’s challenge, but the one that i have to share so obviously rises above all of those and that is a kiss between my wife Valerie [aka tbV – the beautiful Val] and myself on my wedding day… but as i searched for the picture i was wanting to use, namely this one which for me symbolises the start of a new journey of ongoing Love and affection:


i couldn’t help but choose to include this one as such a powerful image captured by a combination of sweet accident and the alertness of a talented photographer absolutely ready for anything that presented itself:


this one for me speaks of the kind of fairy-tale imagining you figure must be going on in the mind of the silent observer with a sense of ‘that might be me some day’ and so hope, Love and the greatest of expectation…

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this is one of my favourite pics ever and it comes from the days of cameras with actual removable film and this particular photo is clearly a mistake of double exposure, but one that works so powerfully.

so the people worshipping in a weekly church service appear to be standing beneath the heavens and it creates such a powerfully artistic expression:

worship and worshipped

…which to me screams of something that is completely Unique.

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with the theme of Love, the first thing that springs to mind has to be God and the beautiful Val… and so the most natural pics to choose would be linked to both, so out of the thousands i chose these two from our wedding, the time of us celebrating and officialising our Love before God and friends… the first one i would title ‘catching the first glimpse’ as this was the moment that tbV walked into the chapel in all her stunningness and beauty and you can see this guy was captured…

Catching the first glimpse

then secondly there is a picture of us just enjoying the moment – another love, the mutual appreciation we have for the colour purple, is clearly displayed in this pic and just a sense of taking a moment in a life-transforming ceremony of significance to let the moment really sink in…

Purple Love

and finally one of the happy and muchly in Love couple as we set out on what has so far been a three and a half year journey of life, Love, challenges, commitment and adventure… this is my girl whom i much Love…

happily ever after


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one of my favourite pics ever!

some friends of mine ran a worship camp in the middle of a farm in Namibia and i was part of helping put the thing together – one of the best aspects was being out of cellphone contact and apart from some electricity for instruments it was amazing to be almost completely ‘unplugged’ for the four days of camping [knowing that hot water could be boiled on the fire for coffee helped]

the last nite of every ‘Namrock’ – as it was called – we would shine the projector with the song words at the mountain-side across the river where we were camping and sing off of the mountain. the idea of facing creation while singing to the Creator [as opposed to singing to God while facing a team of people leading worship] was just so incredibly powerful and a stunning representation to me of the word ‘Illumination.’

the campfire would illuminate the people in the camp, while the words would bring illumination to the songs reflecting the prayers and praise of our hearts… and all of this while God had already created the greatest light show on earth in the stars and planets and moon and shooting stars above…

one of those moments where you just wish the world could be stopped so you could fully appreciate it. altho every year it seemed like that is exactly what happened.

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i really like this picture of me and the reason i chose it for this particular challenge is the idea of casting a wider shadow.

the past 18 months i spent as part of a non-profit organisation called the Simple Way which in some cases meant a broadening of shadow as i was given the potential to influence [to some extent] an organisation that is world-known and has an extended sphere of influence and audience…

but in other ways my personal influence was limited as i put my weekly ‘Thort for the Week’ emailings largely on hold, for six months stepped away from blogging and for the most part did not have opportunity to speak to gatherings of youth or church peoples as i used to regularly used to.

and now a lot of that is about to change. not that one is necessarily better than the other. but in 2013, as in the photo, i am hoping to cast a longer shadow.

i will be starting up my weekly TFTW emails again and continuing to blog in a way that hopefully engages with people and it sounds like there will be opportunities in Oakland to do one of my favourite things – speak to people about God and Love and ‘life to the full’ness…

how are you hoping to be of positive influence to others this year?

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i think Freddy Mercury said it best when he sang, “Can anybody find meeeeeeeee, some bunny to love.”


at first glance this may not seem to fully encompass the theme of ‘Surprise’

but what if i told you that your name was the beautiful Val [tbV] and it was around 2 in the morning and you had gone to sleep after a bit of a rough evening and been woken up to this friendly bunny [let’s be honest – somewhat more Donnie Darko than Easter Bunny] with a bit of a written script for you to read followed by an on the knee proposal? [did i mention it was the second proposal? the uber romantic, mountain-edge picnic and champagne and strawberries with chocolate one having gone less successfully a month or so previously]

Surprise? Yes.
Scary. A little
Successful? You betcha. Who can say no to a bunny?

tbV and i are going on for three and a half years of marriage and i can definitely declare that marriage to the right person is good…

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nope, i just couldn’t do it.

narrowed my selection down to two and was trying to pick the photo that best represents ‘Delicate’ to me, but really could not choose between these two, so decided i had to share them both. what strikes me about the selection is the two completely different interpretations of the challenge that are presented:

the first one is a picture of our Christmas tree star:

Hulky Christmas

“not a star?” i hear you thinking [as you roll your eyes exasperatively] – i beg to differ. did you not watch the Avengers? He was THE star! Well his alter ego and Ironman at least. So anyways a cardboard cutout where the precision scissor-work and folding are what shine out the theme. Why do i love it so much and why has ‘the Hulk’ earned the coveted spot at the top of our tree? Well, we live in a poor and broken-down community and one day, one of the kids on the block [but not one of the ‘New Kids on the Block’ cos that would have been doubly celebrationary] knocked on the door and when i opened it he handed me cardboard Hulk which he had made for me [to go alongside the 3D Hulk card and bobble-head Hulk that live in our kitchen] earning him immediate star ranking.

the second picture experience was a little more personally and pain-inflictedly delicate for me:

dreading it

i had wanted dreads for many years and at this point had had two mostly failed attempts to get them done and so i decided to call in the professionals [or so i thought] – went to this African hairdressers and they twisted my hair up really tight and as painfully as they could possible imagine, pinned it that way and told me i had to keep it in for two days [which involved delicate sleeping attempts on my dad’s lazyboy chair as any pressure put on them was excruciating] and then the whole shop pretty much laughing at me two days later when i told them i had [some kind of subtle and weird in-house punked experience i imagine] and when they were taken out they looked more Michael Jackson than dread and only lasted a week or two… so lesson learned… [and the real working dreads i know have, courtesy two really good mates of mine, are growing strong and steady]

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