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another week and another great photo challenge, this one offering a range of interpretation, although i decided to keep it simple…

here is a picture of me and the world’s most famous stuffed dolphin, No_bob [because he doesn’t!] taking in the sights of the Petronas towers in Malaysia… a strong sense of Up happening there…

Twin Towers Malaysia

and then these three from my website photo shoot many years ago… which i call ‘preparing for take-off’

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B & W hockey stick romance

B & W depth of thoughtedness

black and white definitely holds something special and extra for me in terms of being able to convey the depth of thought and seriousness in the picture on the left or the heightened mystery and intrigue of the pose in the picture on the right. the shadows in both add a stronger presence to the pictures.

when it comes to injecting colour though:

He must become greater, I must become less

psychadelic fish face

for me the picture on the left, which has not been worked on at all, has such a range of blue going on starting from almost white and working through various shades, it resembles one of those pick-the-colour blocks you get for choosing backgrounds and is just stunning in its natural effect. the second picture which was done using laptop webcam special affects i like because of the psychadelic nature of the colours used which create an effect of out-of-this-worldness, a sort of gentle surrealness.

And then ending off with these two which are contrasts in hairstyle – the one on the left is me in action with two of the greatest TheatreSports guys i ever played improv with and if you can get past my horrendous hair [worst ever!] then the depth and darkness of the blue is what really makes this pic come to life for me. It has a bold and framing effect which i really enjoy. And what collection of pictures on colour would be complete without one showing the changes of colour to my hair, this one of my favourite times of going for a mix of it:

Chameleon headstyle

TheatreSports boys in Blue


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the theme was a day in the life of me, and to a large extent this is what a regular day looks like: hanging out with my beautiful wife, looking deep and contemplative in many different ways and poses, messing around with technomology, being different in some way, playing some kind of sport, game or improv to the full [sometimes resulting in africa shaped injuries], appreciating bobblehead [or 3D] Hulk, taking time to worship God in nature or other ways, and more posing and deepful contemplation… only thing missing from this day is some food appreciation…

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this week’s challenge is a little more vague than normal which is great cos it allows for a wider scope of creativity and so i came up with these two pics which for me contain the idea of ‘Future Tense’

first up, the world’s most famous stuffed dolphin whose name is No_bob [i was going to call him ‘Bob’ but he doesn’t bob hence the name and the lack of a huge number of entrants in the ‘stuffed dolphins of the world’ category means i can be pretty convinced that he is it] sticking out of my jacket pocket [which was taken at a Christian worship camping weekend called Namrock, held in Namibia].

he’s in a pocket so clearly he’s going somewhere – this is a temporary picture, promising something more – a journey perhaps, a destination not yet discovered, the moment of reveal… whatever it is, it gives the whiff of something to come which creates intrigue, mystery and suspense. and besides i just really love the pic:


and the second one is taken on the deck of a restaurant on the outskirts of Austen, Texas, when my wife the beautiful Val [tbV] and i were visiting my older sister and her family… the day slowly drawing to a close, some form of conversation or ‘just being’ happening and in the background the sun begins to set, letting us know that this day is being brought to a close, but another day will surely follow… again the expectation of what we see in the photo leads us on in our minds to continue the story and imagine for ourselves what possibilities may life ahead…



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lunchtime can have so many memories attached as food often does – it is seldom just about the food – usually the story or the company or the occasion…

so these three stood out for me…

firstly the one time it was about the food was this occasion of me sampling what must be the world’s biggest donut [which i got to sample when hanging out with my family in Texas two years ago] as kind of a lunchtime alternative:

the world's biggest donut

then secondly it was the occasion, which was on our honeymoon and tbV still claims this was the best sandwich she has ever eaten [with bacon, avo and feta as the chief ingredients it would be hard to go wrong]:

world's best sandwich

and lastly is was this beautifully cooked plate of breakfast food [altho eaten at lunchtime] slash bacon-and-friends that tbV cooked for me on honeymoon and so a combo of the food, the occasion and the company… good times, good food, but more importantly a great story, amazing memories and the start of an exciting adventure that continues on:

tbV supreme breakfast


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i attended a formula 1 grand prix last year in Austen, Texas, which was basically a dream-i-never-would-have-realistically-had come true as i had been watching the sport since i was in primary school… and in the midst of this international event, sitting flanked by people of all nationalities from all around the world, i had the joy of seeing this South African flag draped casually over someone’s chair near me… great reminder of home in the midst of all the foreign…

Proudly South African

this picture, which was taken on my honeymoon with tbV is a beautiful nature scene, but for me it is the wall that stands out – i absolutely LOVE stone walls [made with different types and sizes of stones joined together] – as someone who doesn’t get excited about all that much in the way of architecture and design this is one thing that jumps out for me everywhere i see it and so it was great spotting this gem in the midst of the surrounding beauty and life…

Stones of Wall

and then talking of lost in the details i found this picture of the stunningly beautiful Val on our wedding day – what i like about it is the range of leaves from blurry and up close to very much in focus and detailed and then trailing off to blurry again… and there in the background the hint of my beautiful bride – the suggestion of a greater story than what is seen in front of you… and a greater story to follow…



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this was our wedding day and as one does, we had an original authentic replica of the Aragorn sword from the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy that our friend who ran our drum circle [as one does] brought with him for the occasion… the question ‘do you want me to bring my authentic Aragon sword replica?’ has only one correct answer and you figure out the details later…

so we took this picture:


and i really find it such a powerful image. the theme of FORWARD fits in nicely both as a visual image of the three dimensional sword reaching almost out of the picture as well as the idea of the wedding day which is the continuation of a journey as the new couple steps forward into a new journey that they will be embarking on together.

i like the idea that we are not entirely in good focus as the road ahead contains many elements of mystery and figuring it out as we go along, but we will do that together and so that is the element which is in focus – our Love and commitment and readiness for the task…

[plus it was a photo with an authentic Lord of the Rings movie trilogy Aragorn sword in it!]

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