in December of 2012 i wrote a short blog piece talking about the TFTW [Thort for the Week where ‘Thort’ is simply phonetic for ‘thought’ as in a thought i have on some aspect of following Jesus] that i used to send out regularly.

in the three years of being in Americaland, TFTW soon became TFTM [month] and then TFECOM [Thort for Every Couple of Months] before almost dying out completely, except when i would randomly decide to send one out.

i decided yesterday, now that we’re back in South Africa and are connected more regularly to the internet, to send out a TFTW and as i was writing it i decided to ask the question if anyone still wanted to receive it. While the list has about 3500 names on it, i have absolutely no idea how many people still receive them and if any at all still read them on the very intermittent occasions when they appear.

to be honest, i was expecting two or three people to respond [of which one would be my dad] and that probably would have been enough for me to continue with them [after all, that is where i started] and to be honest most of my focus in terms of writing is on my blog these days.

but i was really blown away as within three minutes i had three people saying they were in and an hour later maybe 5 to 10 more… a day later and i still have emails coming in telling me they read about one in three, or they have found them useful in sermon planning from time to time or they get to one in 5 and it was just such an encouraging thing.

so not quite 3500 emails, but a whole lot more than 2-3.

it was a huge encouragement and so i am definitely hoping to get into a more regular rhythm of sending the thorts out.

If you want to take a look at the group on Yahoo and i think get access to any of the last 10 plus years of messages, you can take a look over here: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Thortfortheweek/info

If you would like to sign up for these messages you can send an email to thortfortheweek-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or else you can like the Thort For The Week page on Facebook where i also post each message.

i hope these continue to challenge and encourage people who are trying to be followers of Jesus to live every aspect of their lives for – how are you using your gifts to share with the people you love the things that God has done and is doing in your life? so many exciting different creative ways to do so and sometimes it just takes one little step in the right direction.