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this psalm is filled with a number of deep thoughts worth reflecting on, but i will just pick a few:

‘I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.’ [vs.8]

this is the first verse that really caught my attention and really just spoke to me about living a life close to God – john 15 shares the picture of the vine and the branches and encourages us to remain in Him – the idea of being filled with the Spirit [ephesians 5.18] where the original greek apparently is better translated as ‘be being filled with the Spirit’ as if it is telling us that it is a consistently happening activity – so every day inviting God, by His Spirit, to fill you and lead, guide, direct, empower… – and also a reminder to be deeply saturated in the word of God [the bible] which brings life [a truly underrated concept in today’s church]

and another great reminder of this is hebrews 12 where we are encouraged to ‘fix our eyes upon Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith…’

verse 5 is an interesting one [which was not one of the initial things that jumped out at me, but only on this third reading] – ‘LORD, you alone are my portion and my cup; you make my lot secure.’

if only the church could live that way. the questions that accompany this verse are:

# what else am i making my portion? what are the things i allow to fill me instead of God in my day to day?
# what else is my cup? what are the things i invite to quench my thirst instead of the words and works of Jesus?
is God REALLY alone my portion and my cup? and if not, where might it be better for a 40 day lenting to be a day to day sacrifice or living differently?

my good buddy rob lloyd just got me a new bible because my old one was literally falling apart and i like the idea of starting again in a sense – rediscovering old favourite passages, underlining new ones, breaking the bible in so to speak…

and as i sat and thought where to begin i decided to start with the psalms, and i don’t know that i will necessarily read one per day but i am going to start today and see how it goes and i thought it might be nice to bring other people with me, or maybe you were looking for a new place to read and want to read along with me – i am going to read a psalm and write a comment or a thought or reflection and would love it if you wanted to write yours in the comments below so together we can learn from what God is saying to us as we take this journey…

so today, starting with psalm 1, what jumps out at you? what don’t you understand? what has God whispered as you read it? what is one idea you just really enjoyed? i would love to hear what you got out of it…

this is a great psalm – first thing that jumped out at me was line 1 ‘blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked’ – and to be honest i think i always read that as ‘council’ as in meeting-place or gathering, instead of counsel which surely means ‘being advised/counselled by’ which changes it completely… complete tie-in to one of my favourite proverbs ‘wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses’ [27.6] or ‘they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear’ [2 Timothy 4.3] and a reminder that even though it might look strongly appealing to have yes-people around us, it will be a blessing and better life choice to not live life being advised/counselled by these people but rather people who will speak truth in love.

and then verse 3 which talks about being ‘planted by streams of water’ – the result being that whatever you do will prosper – echoes of being firmly rooted like in the story of the house built on the rock [Matthew 7.24] or the need to be in constant connection to the vine which is God [John 15] and how as a result the fruit will naturally happen – not so much by work or effort but by inviting God to work it through you as you stay holding on to Him.

so that’s a good start to this journey – the reminder that as a Christ follower my number one focus must be on being nourished by my Father in heaven and that i should look to surround myself with people [at least in terms of those who advise/bring counsel to me] who actively follow Christ and will unashamedly speak truth in love to me [even if sometimes that might be hard for me to receive]

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