so this morning we had a third of a 500g portion of Jungle Oats between us with butter, no sugar [i whined!] and then for lunch we had two pieces of toast and a quarter of an avo each and then for supper we had two pieces of toast and an avo each [menu changed a little bit in terms of what’s on what day cos we came thru to cape town so had to adjust – same items just different days]

and i know it’s only been one day but what stood out for me today is that it was flippin boring and to some extent i imagine poor people have to put up with boring food… with R12 a day each for the week, we couldn’t even begin to consider coffee or tea or sugar or any of the twenty or so spices we have on our spice rack and so we are staying away from them – limiting all our consumingness to the things we were able to afford this week… and so gone are the choices of five different types of spread and so on. i imagine the poor find different ways of getting creative with what they have, but the kind of choices we take for granted are just not as available to them.

it’s only been one day. i’m hungry. i’d dig for a cup of coffee [just made me and tbV a nice cup of hot water – which i used to drink back in the day actually, was a long phase]. and realising that this thing, despite just starting, is not fun. oh wait, i guess that’s one of the point.

stay tuned for day 2…