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i found this story in some scripture union global strategy notes i was reading thru… i read it. i smiled.

‘The fields were parched and brown from lack of rain, and the crops lay wilting from thirst. People were anxious and irritable as they searched the sky for any sign of relief. Days turned into arid weeks. No rain came. The ministers of the local churches called for an hour of prayer on the town square the following Saturday. They requested that everyone bring an object of faith for inspiration.

At high noon on the appointed Saturday the townspeople turned out en masse, filling the square with anxious faces and hopeful hearts. The ministers were touched to see the variety of objects clutched in prayerful hands – holy books, crosses, rosaries. When the hour ended, as if on magical command, a soft rain began to fall. Cheers swept the crowd as they held their treasured object high in gratitude and praise.

From the middle of the crowd one faith symbol seemed to overshadow all the others. A small nine year old child had brought an umbrella.’

in terms of life catchup and our favourite question of ‘so what are you doing next year?’ which has suddenly become ‘so what are you doing this year?’ [wow, so quick] the answer is that my wife – the beautiful Val – is finishing up her thesis – handing in second draft this week and final draft second week of feb – and we are still waiting on God and trying to listen and hear what He has in store for us…

in fact from Friday to Thurs (being my birthday it will be nice to end off with some kind of meat appreciation feast) we are going to inviting some significant people in our lives (and anyone who wants to really, but we want people to be intentional) to join us in sending up prayers and listening for anything relating to God’s plan for us this year – i really have felt quite strongly that He has a plan and a leading for us specifically (rather than us just making a plan) and so we really want to give good time and attention to listening for that…

i am thinking of embarking on a Daniel type fast for the week (just fruit and vegetables and liquids) to assist my intentionality and if anyone wants to join me that would be more than welcome – so we’d love to hear if you are going to listen with us and any response or prompting you receive you can send to brettfish@hotmail.com – we are very excited because it is a great place of trust to be in – it does not come without nervousness and what-if-nothing-happens’ness especially because it is hard for a lot of people around us to believe that this is the way God is choosing to operate with us (and for val who is submitting to my ‘this is what i sense God saying’ more than having an equal sense of feeling God say that)

so ja, if you’re not going to join us for the week, it would be great if you could pause for a minute and invite God to speak directly into our lives in that way… thank you.

…til we hear anything else, we are staying at our place in Stellenbosch, helping lead the junior youth (Vybe) at Stellenbosch vineyard and trying our best to love God, love people, look after the needy and pursue life to the full…

so sunday nite i made a space for testimonies for people to share what God has been doing in their lives…

the second person who got up was a man named P (well not really, but let’s call him that for now) who i know pretty well from being around church and from having an amazing story of being homeless and God and the church bringing transformation in his life and so now he and often he and his wife gather with us for churching on sundays and he comes fairly often to enGAGE in the evenings

so he got up and shared a hectic testimony about his life over the last few years and his story of where he came from and how there was a guy threatening to rape his wife and this week he did and how P was able to deal with his anger and help get the guy caught by the police and a bunch of other stuff…

then this morning i find out in our staff meeting that there is actually another side of the story and that there have been some people in town walking a long (a few years) journey with him and that he is often lazy and doesn’t take the work he is offered (ranging from work in vineyards to leatherwork etc etc) and that at times he beats his wife and his kids and that the reason his kids were removed from him (part of the story last nite) was actually because of that and they don’t want anything to do with him – him and his wife were given a flat for 6 months or more and just completely didn’t take care of it and he hasn’t done a lot of the work he has been offered (in terms of being able to stay there) and so suddenly the story sounds a whole lot completely different

which is hard. and sucks. a lot.

tbV and i went a long way to help out a young suicidal homeless guy with a huge story a month or so ago and ended up buying him food and sponsoring him bus fare back home to his sister in mosselbay and waking up early in the morning to fetch him from the place we organised for him to sleep and he managed to call me in the morning when he needed a lift but never managed to make the call we asked him to make once he made it safely back to his sister and the number he gave us for his sister we never managed to get through on after numerous attempts

and it just makes it all very difficult to help – or even want to help – the next guy

but you have to. at least i think you do. or at the very least continue to take time to listen and hear the story and see if it is possible to help. we definitely can’t help everyone. but at the same time we definitely can’t not help anyone. and as i always say i would rather ultimately get ripped off for R20 or R200 bucks (especially with a good story – reward for creative story-telling i don’t mind paying for altho would help if we knew beforehand it was in the genre of fiction) than keep the money and risk not helping someone in serious need who does need the money (and i generally assume someone is probly going to spend the R20 or R200 better than i would anyways)

so curveball-ade it is…

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