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today Dana and i came up with the concept of ‘mental ticks’ which are pretty much exactly the same as real ticks with the one exception being that they don’t exist [except in the mind]. the paranoia birthed from having had to dislodge two rather dug-in ticks from the crotchial [groinal?] area at last year’s festival creates the idea in your head of itchiness on your body and so you start to envisage the accompanying ticks which of course are virtual and not real at all. mental ticks can be more destructive than real ticks because they keep you up at nite and hold you constantly in fear of what is not happening at all…

it just took me about 40 minutes to climb into a hammock [Beths]. both from the point of it being a little high [i had to eventually fetch 2 rocks to stand on to climb in – to cheering from the campfire crowds thirty metres away i had hoped weren’t watching!] and me being a little scared my weight would rip the hammock [it didn’t!] and cos i had to stop 3 times to kill ticks on my shoes [first 3 ticks i’ve seen this year – all in the space of 3 minutes – last time the only two ticks i saw the whole fest were the two i had to remove from my…]

but i made it in [cue slightly sarcastic cheering] and it is so comfy that i am NEVER getting out [well, til my meeting in 20 minutes or whenever it is, sigh…]

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