finished reading Ted Dekker new book ‘burn’ last nite that he wrote with some woman lady – dude, don’t do that again. Took me so long to get into it because nothing was happening – well there was a plot and some money and a fire and a whole colony of dead gypsy’s except the three who escaped that the story revolves around, but just not in the must-turn-the-page thriller mode Dekker normally works into his books – i was bored a lot of the time and just waiting for it to get good, still waiting Ted.

in its favour it did suddenly get a bit weird towards the end but the whole ‘twist’ if you want to call it that was very forced and absolutely ridiculous (as opposed to most of his other thrillers where it is possible stuff) and just not very satisfying

Burn scores a boring ‘piece-o-crap’

for great Ted Dekker check out ‘Three’ and the Circle Series (altho maybe pretend Green never happened cos that also felt a bit like desparation from someone not knowing how to end things) and Blink and then House which he wrote with Frank Peretti.