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i like the english language. i like it to do my bidding!

and so for years now i have played around with it, removing most capital letters [except for words associated with God like Love, Grace and Justice when i mean them in a God-related way way], changing nouns into verbs [see “vibe” and “vibing”] and other parts of speech, spelling words in my own unique, often phonetical way [thort for the week] or sometimes just adding in letters that don’t make a lot of sense just because they feel like they make sense in my mind [thankx] and more.

turns out i’m not the only one:

Calvin manipulates the word

we like me some Calvin and Hobbes…

i also very much like the three dots, and i know they have an official name, but i don’t like that so much [but please do remind me what it is again] so i will stick with ‘the three little dots’ thank you very much… i end way too many sentences with them.

but not that one…

it’s a life to the full thing i think. you do only live less than twice so you might as well have fun with it. is it silly? absolutely. but it’s my quirk [well one of them]. some people wear make-up. i don’t generally wear make up so think of this as the make-up of my speech or at least my written speech. the three dots are my mascara.

what about you? any words you deliberately change or misspell? any conventions you like to cut corners on? do you too like ending sentences a preposition with? cos rumours are you can’t!

however, i am still a bit of a ‘there’ ‘they’re’ ‘their’ stickler so please keep those in Hors d’oeuvre!

that is all…

Just Another Blog in the Wall

so i’ve been wanting to start a blog for a long time now. and now i have. i use Facebook for a lot of note blogging but wanted a place to just stick my uncensored, well maybe less censored thorts, and so here it is. now the question is who to let know about it, or to just simply blog here and if people discover it then they do.

to be me or not to be me, why is it that so many people struggle with that question when it comes to life, and too often choose the mask more travelled, or worn or something?

is your me really that scary? that bad? that undesirable? i seriously doubt it.

for God so loves.

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