remember a time when you ate a meal without feeling the need to share it with the world?

when phoning someone meant waiting til you got home and then doing the dial thing and having to wait til each number played out before doing the next one?

do you remember trying desperately to hold that unwieldy monster of a camera absolutely still so you could get that one perfect picture [or being completely lavish and taking two so you could choose later which one to print copies of] of that nature scene?

or when laughing out loud was something you actually did instead of something you typed our on a keyboard or phone?

i imagine many of you have watched this video clip:


and i’m not suggesting that we should return to a time when none of these things were available or saying that you should never engage in any of these things…

but i am encouraging you to not forget to actually live life every once in a while, instead of just reporting on it.

# if you’re a food photographing instagram junkie, then try eating an incredible meal out without taking a single picture of it just once in a while and letting your tastebuds hold the memory of what was a delectable feast

# leave your phone at home once in a while when you go out and just be out and uncontactable and by yourself or the people you are with

# experience a whole event without taking a single photo of it – rely on someone else’s pictures or better yet take a moment to store that scene and moment in your memory and revisit it from time to time… or take a journal and capture it in words and descriptive images

# have a coffee date with a good friend and TURN YOUR PHONE OFF and don’t look at it once the entire time you are spending with them – take a moment to consider the message this sends to them about how important they are to you at that specific time.

and more. technology is great and i would not want to head back completely to ‘simpler times but i do want to live and experience life, which sometimes can be enhanced by phone cameras and tablets and laptops and social medias… but can often also be distracted by those same things and so making regular time and commitments to unplug and mute and put down and just experience life and engage with people face to face and take in moments for what they are [as opposed to having a whole folder full of pictures of things we didn’t get to experience because we were too busy taking photos of them]

live life to the full. sometimes with the use of technology. but also many times without.

don’t forget to just be.