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the theme was a day in the life of me, and to a large extent this is what a regular day looks like: hanging out with my beautiful wife, looking deep and contemplative in many different ways and poses, messing around with technomology, being different in some way, playing some kind of sport, game or improv to the full [sometimes resulting in africa shaped injuries], appreciating bobblehead [or 3D] Hulk, taking time to worship God in nature or other ways, and more posing and deepful contemplation… only thing missing from this day is some food appreciation…

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this was our wedding day and as one does, we had an original authentic replica of the Aragorn sword from the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy that our friend who ran our drum circle [as one does] brought with him for the occasion… the question ‘do you want me to bring my authentic Aragon sword replica?’ has only one correct answer and you figure out the details later…

so we took this picture:


and i really find it such a powerful image. the theme of FORWARD fits in nicely both as a visual image of the three dimensional sword reaching almost out of the picture as well as the idea of the wedding day which is the continuation of a journey as the new couple steps forward into a new journey that they will be embarking on together.

i like the idea that we are not entirely in good focus as the road ahead contains many elements of mystery and figuring it out as we go along, but we will do that together and so that is the element which is in focus – our Love and commitment and readiness for the task…

[plus it was a photo with an authentic Lord of the Rings movie trilogy Aragorn sword in it!]

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