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Cos that is what everyone is thinking on a Sunday, right? How can i make this longer? Ha. i doubt it.


This morning i will be preaching at my buddy Rob’s church, Mercy Vineyard, in Bergvliet.

My biggest hope is that when i end the message, the message doesn’t end. Continue reading

stop cheating on Him

i had this epiphony in the shower the other day – if the only Bible’ing and praying you do is at your church gathering on a sunday once a week, then you don’t have a relationship with God, you have a relationship with church.

and i think that’s how a lot of people live – their spiritual life is their relationship with the meeting on a sunday

it becomes a little bit memento meets inception with a sprinkling of the matrix once you start arguing that ‘i am the church, how can i have a relationship with myself?’ but i think if you give it just a moment you will see what i mean, and then the next step is to ask whether or not it is you, and then if so, to stop it.

because it is destructive. to you. to the church. if you are not being actively in relationship with God every day every day, then when you meet together as the church on a sunday, you will not be equipped to bring a word of encouragement or challenge or a psalm or prayer or prophecy or ministry to other people and that, after all, is what church is meant to be all about – meeting together to equip, strengthen, motivate, heal, encourage for the purpose of heading out and being church for the rest of the week to those who will never set foot in one

i think it’s an even bigger danger for those in so-called fulltime ministry because you can feel like your focused ministry time (leading a cell, heading up a worship team, preaching, sunday school etc.) is your relationshipping with God, when it’s not

so this is for me. and for you. and especially during holiday time when so many of us go on holiday from God. just stop it. return to your first love. remain in Him. be still and know that He is God.

do it. just.

last nite at enGAGE (our sunday evening vineyard church congregation weekly gathering) we held an open mic vibe

not after ‘church’, not on a different day to ‘church’, not instead of ‘church’, but as church, and it was great

it was a celebration of some of the talents and giftings that God has placed in different people in our group and so we sat around tables and munched on chips and sweets and spinach and feta rolls (as one does) we watched some Flight of the Conchords (a band parodying a parody band and they nailed it!) and heard some songs and saxophone and watched some magically illusioned tricks performed by the Roy (who also excellently mc’d the event) and some photos on the big screen and some poetry (in two different languages) and hung out and gave God thankx and vibed

and then everyone pretty much got involved in the cleaning (you know, all the smashed piggy banks and burnt cards on the floor curtesy of the Roy) and setting up of the hall and a bunch of us headed off to our weekly hangout at Ginos for some drinks and to hang out with American Phil just before he heads back home

some people, a lot of people, would not call what happened last night ‘church’ cos we didn’t read out of the bible or have an official worship team leading us in worship or have a thirty minute preach or any of that…

but we had biblical stuff happening, and we welcomed and celebrated and called on God and He was definitely there in the midst of us, we had some words on celebrating community and if you really wanted to you would find reference to all of it in Corinthians 12, and we definitely had some worship going on courtesy of Megs ‘mountain’ and other songs and Phil’s worship songs and the photos we got to witness and all the living in and celebrating of community we did…

i love being part of a church where that’s seen as ok, no more than ok, where that’s seen as church

i’m not saying that what happens on a Sunday week after week in traditional churches is not church, cos it is, or a part of it anyways, but i am definitely saying that other expressions, other celebrations, other gatherings, other instances can also be church as well

as one pastory type guy made a few congregations and gatherings awkwardly try join him in the past in singing this refrain to a Fall Out Boy parody chorus – “Church is the people, it is, not, the, place”

let’s break that box. let’s do church.

‘The entire nation of Israel operated on a Sunday to Friday calendar. Saturday was the Sabbath – no work, no play, and no good works. Saturday was the holy day, and all who would give homage and honour to God would keep the Sabbath holy. Right out of the gate, the church moved the holy day to Sunday. On the Sabbath, Jesus was still dead. On Sunday, He rose from the dead. I have to imagine that this timing was important to God. The church started meeting when Jesus showed up. This is an excellent process to follow.’

from ‘an unSTOPPABLE force’ – erwin mcmanus, pg 86

Rad day with church yesterday… twice.

So proud of my bossman Chris G yesterday morning cos after worship vibes he got up to say something and was deeply moved by what God was telling him to say but not being a hugely demonstrative person in nature he could only say he felt like hitting the lectern… angry with himself for all the crap he allows in his life (although didn’t use word ‘crap’ just in case Charis was hiding in the cry room maybe?) and just settles for and doesn’t deal with… and angry with the congregation for where they do the same… (all in the very Chris G key of not-making-anyone-feel-condemned-but-getting-them-to-think)

Then i got up to do an announcement about youth vibes for next year and a camp but before i did i got people to close their eyes and take time on what he had just spoken… and then launched into a twenty/thirty minute heart ministry/preach vibe really continuing on from where Chris left off cos he was too emotional within himself and just completely led by God speaking into the congregation and some specific situations and issues… totally unprepared…

And Chris pretty much abandoned his preach except for reading 1 Cor 12-14 from the Message and that was really cool – most proudest i’ve been of him i think (no, not proud, proud-est!) cos just a solid sense that we were led by God and did his business… and was spot on for where our church is and what they need to hear…

Then in the evening, although our enGAGE services have officially ended with departure of the majority of students, we are still meeting together (the remnant) and last night there were about 15 of us maybe and we chatted around the topic of speaking life or speaking curses/death into/over people and i was a bit nervous before we started cos it really could have been the shortest service in the history or last night but okes really got engaged and involved in and with the topic and it was really great. And we kicked bum in the cricket. But it felt like we kicked bigger bum just hanging out as Jesus followers. And that is a good thing.

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