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Ah man, it seems i panic’d when i shared the last clip from Friends which is probably my SECOND favourite clip ever – I did at least reference this one with the ‘Stretchy pants’ line which has always been my favourite one liner by my favourite guy [Chandler] from friends, but watching this clip again, it just has so many great moments from Chandlers: “I’m up, I’m up, I’ve…gotten…up” to Ross: “Don’t stare directly at it.” Chandler: Like an eclipse? to Joey’s just bursting into laughter…

Anyways, you should watch it… it is my favourite episode minus the Monica/Richard seriousness because it is also the one where Rachel gets Joey to read ‘The Shining’ by Stephen King and ends with him putting it in the freezer so no-one will get hurt… Friends at the height of their powers… but especially the STRETCHY PANTS, EVERY DAY EVERY DAY which i break into from time to time…

And of course Ross’ face after this little exchange:

Chandler: You can’t go up to a guy you hardly know and say something about his stuff

Ross: He’s right. Even if it’s to say something complementary.

And then Gunther just seals the deal with his closing line…

I love Friends. It is one of my favourite series of all time and while there are a lot of classic moments [i’m thinking teeth whitening, the Holiday Armadillo and Rachel Phoebe-running into a horse as some that fly to mind] and amazing one liners [“Stretchy Pants? Well those are the greatest things in the world. If I were you I’d wear them every day EVERY DAY!”] I would say that this scene [plus the following scene in the hospital – May?Tember?] is the funniest scene of all:

How about you? What is your favourite scene on Friends? Hunt it down and add it in the comments section so we can appreciate it all over again..

[Oh, wait I found it – this has actually got to be my funniest ever… so so good]

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