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so from time to time i have started googling the phrase “fun silly pictures of strange weird” just because it seemed like the right thing to do to give a bit of the different flavour to Irresistibly Fish and so far it has done that…

first there was ‘obey this sign’ sign and smoking chicken fish
and then there was bacon cat and toilet mug

and what does week three hold? well take a look at some of these:

It’s a cushion but it’s also a lap. Kinda.

Weave the silk, you must!

Then for the green and eco-friendly minded we have the pea car. And for the artistically inclined it’s Fish in Boat:

and lastly, in a section i like to call ‘HUH?’

The question is… which flavour will you pick?

Okay so a scarf… that is boobs… because… um… cheque for table 7 please!

they move among us.

little girls wearing pink dresses and matching pink bonnets who move around among us undetected.

innocent-looking. some might say cute. i don’t. but some might.

always holding firmly on to the hand of a surrogate adult life-form clone creating the appearance of normalcy in their day-to-day meanderings as they move around from place to place always staring, subtly taking in information from their surrounding surroundings.

occasionally, when data collecting has been of a particularly slow and pedestrian nature, they might concede permission to a greyscale miniature suited male child monitor unit to tag along for the precise purpose of adjectival and accumulatory preposition enhancement, you know, to speed things along.

and so they continue, day by day, to move. among us.

they must be stopped!

and they can be.

or at least they could be if the power lay with them.

if they really were just innocent little girls wearing pink dresses and matching pink bonnets.

but everyone knows the power lies in the box. the hamster type creature [a very inaccurate description but for lack of a better one, “hamster type creature” is going to have to do] that lives in the box. and directs proceedings.

proceedings involving little girls wearing pink dresses with matching pink bonnets attached at the hand to surrogate adult life-form clones and occasionally tolerating the necessity of the greyscale miniature suited male child monitor unit [adjectival and accumulatory preposition enhancement]

it seems all too hopeless.

and it is.

you should go.



the other day, for fun, i googled the phrase “fun silly pictures of strange weird” and came up with this strange assortment of pics… it felt like time for a revisit to the strange wonderfulness and weirdosity that exists in the google image page of that residence and so here are some more that are fun or silly or really quite strangeweird [it’s a word!]:

For those to whom the complexity of the attaching of the modern day bicycle helmet to the head feels a little overwhelming

Sometimes there are no words. But there is comfort. Or possibly fear.

So we start off with some helpful instruction and a weird kind of pink thing…

Imagine the size of the one your cat would have to wear.

Forget Spider-Pig, here is Baconcat… a cat with the body of a… um… bacon?

Then there are these two which are, well, um yes…

You know when you really got to go, but you walk into your friend’s bathroom and…

When I’m done with this cup I don’t think I’ll be asking for a number two.

And the last two are just… well… i don’t know which one is worse…

i felt like creating a fun little blog today but didn’t really have any ideas so i googled “fun silly pictures of strange weird” [as one does] and hit images and came up with these three signs:

which i thort were all fairly funny…

and of course fish in chicken body smoking…

so all in all, some true examples of fun silly pictures of strange weird…

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